The number of manual portable coffee makers is increasing at distributors during the summer season. This one from Staresso, compatible with Nespresso capsules and ground coffee, is aimed more at hikers and campers than at drivers.

Manual and nomadic coffee makers are on the rise with the summer holidays, and for good reason. These devices allow you to drink a small coffee without having to wait in the long queue of holidaymakers looking for a little pick-me-up to finish the remaining 852 km.

Staresso is launching a concept similar to that of Handpresso, whose Auto Capsule, compatible with Nespresso capsules, was able to prepare a small coffee on the road provided that the device was well connected to the car’s cigarette lighter. The Portable Manual Espresso Machine, as it is called, does not need a power supply to operate. And that’s the disadvantage of this coffee maker: it doesn’t heat the water like the Handpresso and it’s up to the user to supply it with hot water. That’s why it’s not so much for drivers as for campers or hikers.

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Both compatible with Nespresso capsules and ground coffee, the Staresso coffee maker exploits a pressure of 15 bars to prepare several recipes: espresso, long coffee, americano, but also cappuccino or café au lait. Indeed, this nomadic coffee maker also offers to froth milk by air pressure and to brew cold.

The promises of this portable manual espresso machine from Staresso, offered at less than 70 €, will have to be confronted with our measurements in the lab.

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