Game News Splitgate : Good news announced for the FPS halfway between Halo and Portal

Published on 07/27/2021 at 11:36

Available for two years on PC, Splitgate is living a second youth thanks to the launch of a public beta on home consoles. A huge success, which unfortunately forced the four developers of 1047 Games to postpone the release.

With over 600,000 downloads and peaks of 50,000 players, Splitgate

‘s servers are having a hard time keeping up with the load. This influx has triggered a series of technical issues that the developers need to resolve before moving forward. The title was expected to be released tomorrow, but has now been pushed back to an unknown date on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series and Xbox One in “final” form. However, shortly after the announcement of the postponement, which we told you about only a few hours ago, three good news came out about this FPS that mixes some mechanics from Counter Strike, Portal, or Halo.

In this tweet published on the official account of the game, we learn that the open beta will be extended for an indefinite period of time, that 10 million dollars have been raised to expand the development team and server capacity, but also that players will be able to finish the Battle Pass of the beta. Three good news in one for players, who can only wait until tomorrow and the re-launch of the servers to find the title.

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Splitgate : De bonnes nouvelles annoncées pour le FPS à mi-chemin entre Halo et Portal Profil de MalloDelic, By MalloDelic,