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When we’re on Amazon and looking for TWS earbuds, the Soundcore products, audio spin-offs from Anker, immediately stand out. And the latest arrivals, the TWS ANC Soundcore Life P3 earphones, are part of those Anker products that can pique the curiosity of users, so, thanks to this review we’ll see if they actually have a quality / price ratio such as to be worth at least the podium in the mid-range.

Review Soundcore Life P3 | TWS ANC Anker



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Although smaller than the top of


range models, the box of the Soundcore Life P3 under review is as always very well cared for and, as far as we can define it, complete with every need of the product. In addition to the earphones and the case, you’ll find an exhaustive manual, a Type-C charging cable and 5 sizes of ear buds (4 in the box). Hard to ask for more.

Design and materials

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Many smiles and a sigh. That’s how we sum up the design and materials chapter for these Anker earbuds. This is because the design is very pleasant, very current and with top tier tone, but there is one thing that those who have tried them have not appreciated for this type of product.

In fact, the earcup and the inner part of the stem are glossy, while the part where the touch controls are housed is matte. A shame, considering the fact that the case is matte. Clearly, remember, this is a subjective assessment, but the matte earbuds make you forget about fingerprints.

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Smart Features

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/>Smart features for Soundcore headphones are always a plus. And we must applaud the way the dedicated app has been designed, optimized and improved step by step.

The app that Anker provides is a complete controller on our earphones: we can set what to match the touch controls, which are very precise, but also set the low latency mode, the Bass Up to amplify the bass (and it really works), in addition to the equalization that we can choose at will or with the suggestion of the app. Finally, we can even optimize to our ear wear for noise cancellation and listening. The Bluetooth connection, with standard 5.0, is very stable and the range indicated.

For the ANC chapter we must contextualize it to how much they cost. Compared to products of equal price, they have a very good noise cancellation. They don’t totally turn off the environment around us, but they give us a good feeling of isolation, especially on the street.

Audio Quality – Soundcore Life P3

recensione anker soundcore life p3 03recensione anker soundcore life p3 03

The audio issue with Soundcore products is definitely aimed at the fact that the sound is often crisp, but they need to be listened to with the active noise cancellation mode to get the best. And these Soundcore Life P3s are no different. A clean sound and enhanced in the bass when you activate the dedicated function, especially in electronic music tracks.

Very good audio even when it comes to calls. Whoever is listening hears us very well and clearly and we also hear very well who is talking to us. In short, the audio work done is very concrete and it shows.

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recensione anker soundcore life p3 04recensione anker soundcore life p3 04

Also with regard to autonomy, the Soundcore Life P3 in review does not disfigure. In fact, the battery of the earphones is close to about 7 hours of continuous listening and with the case you get to about 35 hours guaranteed by the brand. In short, everything has been done properly, without a doubt.

Review Soundcore Life P3 – Price and conclusionsWe close

this review with the target to which these earphones should be addressed. They are a type of product designed for those looking for a certain amount of features without spending a lot, although they are not top of the range wearables. But buying them on Amazon at about 65-69 €, we realize that we are at a really good product, which aims to excel in its price category and that rewards this choice.

N.B. If you do not see the link to the purchase, we recommend that you disable AdBlock.

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