To celebrate the new Sonos Roam compact speaker, a portable speaker with audio optimized for home and any adventure, Sonos and The North Face are launching a collaboration that will allow people to experience some of their travel adventures and wilderness expeditions in a whole new way. The collaboration, a result of the two brands’ expertise in audio and nature exploration, will come to life this summer with several initiatives. Here are which ones.

The partnership is being well received by Pete Pedersen, vice president of marketing at Sonos:

After Roam (Sonos’ first truly portable speaker) became part of our product family, we set out to find a partner who could help us tell the story of the on-the-go listening experience in a more authentic and accessible way. While sifting through companies that like us love the outdoors and exploring the world, we realised that The North Face, with its long tradition of expeditions and outdoor adventures, would be the perfect choice.

The first step in this collaboration is the creation of an exclusive station on Sonos Radio called Never Stop Exploring, featuring nine different soundscapes created by combining audio recordings made in the field while filming some of The North Face’s most remote expeditions.

Sonos e The North Face esplorano la dimensione sonora degli spazi apertiSonos e The North Face esplorano la dimensione sonora degli spazi aperti

Never Stop Exploring invites all enthusiasts to let the sound of adventure into their homes.

The soundscapes, created by Mikael Jorgensen, composer, multi-instrumentalist and member of the Grammy award-winning band Wilco, combine the original audio with a new soundtrack to take listeners on a journey around the world: from Alaska to Peru, Ethiopia to Japan, and many other countries.

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This will be accompanied by the narrative voices of world-famous hikers such as Alex Honnold, Hilaree Nelson, Matty Hong, Emily Harrington and many more, so listeners will have the opportunity to let themselves be transported through the sounds into the heart of these adventures.

  • Sonos Radio’s Never Stop Exploring station itinerary includes the following stops:
  • “Thanks for the Beta” in collaboration with The High Sierra, California with Alex Honnold and Emily Harrington.
  • “Skiing Lhotse” in collaboration with Music of The Himalayas with Hilaree Nelson
  • “Sawanobori” in collaboration with music from Shomyo Falls, Japan with Matty Hong and James Pearson
  • “Dirty Gnar Gnar” in collaboration with music from Mount Poi and Mount Kenya with Alex Honnold and Cedar Wright
  • “Sending El Cap” in collaboration with music from El Capitan, California with Emily Harrington
  • “Towers of Tigray” in collaboration with the music of Ethiopia with James Pearson
  • “Life Coach, Alaska” in collaboration with music from Ruth Gorge, Alaska with Alex Honnold and Renan Ozturk
  • “Pitumarca” in collaboration with music from Peru with Nina Williams
  • “Expedition Antarctica” in collaboration with the music of Queen Maud Land with Alex Honnold, Cedar Wright and Savannah Cummins.

With this collaboration, The North Face and Sonos, the goal is to create and bring to life a new way of telling the story of adventure. As such, Never Stop Exploring is available to stream on Mixcloud and on Sonos Radio at the end of July. Obviously, also in Italy.

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