Understanding Moto G Stylus Charging Issues

When smartphone users experience charging problems, it can be disheartening. Not being able to use the device can mean missing important calls or emails and can even affect productivity. It’s important to identify the root cause for Moto G Stylus charging issues and find the proper solution. Thus, in this blog, we provide all the necessary information about troubleshooting, diagnosing and fixing common Moto G Stylus charging problems.

Diagnosing Common Moto G Stylus Charging Issues

Beginning with the diagnosis of the most common Moto G Stylus charging issues, it is important to understand the root cause. The underlying problem can be related to the charging cable, charging port, battery, or software. The cable, port, and battery can be further checked for continuity, functionality, and compatibility. As for the software, updating or resetting the device is key to troubleshooting any software-related problems.

Moto G Stylus Charger Cable Problems

It is possible that the charging cable is not functioning correctly. A faulty charger cable can lead to a ‘no charging’ situation with no indication of any power flowing into the device. The cable should first be checked for any physical damage, such as short circuits, bent or frayed wires, or broken connectors. If no physical damage is detected, then testing the cable with a multimeter is recommended to detect continuity. If the cable is not providing the expected readings, then a replacement is advised.

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Moto G Stylus Charging Port Problems

The charge port of the device is also a possible culprit in Moto G Stylus charging issues. The port can become loose or worn out if the device is mishandled, which can lead to charging problems. If the port is dirty, blocked, or corroded, then it is recommended to clean the port using a soft toothbrush and a cotton swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol. If the port is damaged, then it is best to get it repaired or replaced professionally.

Moto G Stylus Battery Problems

The battery is also another component that can cause charging problems. If the battery is not functioning correctly, then the device won’t charge or power on. Checking the battery with a multimeter can provide insight into the battery’s overall health. The multimeter readings should be compared to the manufacturer’s data sheet provided with the device. If there is any discrepancy in the readings, then it is advised to get the battery replaced.

Moto G Stylus Software Problems

In cases of charging issues with no physical damage, software problems can be the cause. The device should first be restarted to see if that resolves the issue. If not, then updating the device’s software to the latest version is a safe bet. If the issue still persists, then factory resetting the device is recommended. It is important to keep a backup of the device’s data as it will be erased during the reset process.

Testing the Moto G Stylus

After attempting the above solutions, it is important to test the Moto G Stylus and confirm that the charging issue has been resolved. The device should be charged using a different charger and cable to check if the current charger was the root cause. It’s also a good idea to use a different power source to check if the wall socket is responsible for the charging issue.

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Using an External Battery Pack

If, after following the above steps, the issue still persists, it is recommended to use an external battery pack to charge the device. They are available at most electronic outlets and provide enough power to charge the device. This can be a viable short-term solution if all else fails.

Buying a New Charger

If the problem is still not resolved, then buying a new charger is the only remaining option. Always check the charger’s compatibility with the device before purchasing. It is important to purchase the same model as the one that came with the device in order to prevent an incompatibility issue.

Seeking Professional Help

If the issue has still not been resolved, then it is best to seek professional help. It is important to find a reliable service provider who can repair or replace the faulty component. An experienced technician can properly diagnose and fix the charging issue.


Moto G Stylus charging issues can be resolved with proper knowledge and the right tools. Troubleshooting the issue can lead to identifying the root cause. In most cases, the issue can be fixed with a simple restart or software update. If the issue persists, it is advised to test the device and its components for any possible damage. If all else fails, then it is best to seek professional help.

With the information provided in this blog, we hope that Moto G Stylus users will be able to easily identify and fix their device’s charging issues. In order to prevent any future issues, it is advised to handle the device carefully and use the appropriate charging accessories.

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For more information about Moto G Stylus charging issues and their solutions, visit Android Central and Motorola Support.