The smart switch is born from the idea of giving more comfort to people, mainly at home. The advancement of technology has shown us that not only in the movies or with the help of special effects, you can have the life of a king or queen.

Smart switches are concerned about the environment, they are energy saving and some designs can turn themselves off. In addition, thanks to the variety of prices on the market, they can fit all kinds of budgets and needs.

The bottom line

  • The smart switch does not require physical contact to perform a certain action. It can also be shared among household members.
  • The smart switch stands out, above all, for its versatility, innovation and functionality. For this reason, it is an element increasingly used by users.
  • There are criteria that you should evaluate when choosing a smart switch. For example, its functions, connectivity, operating system, remote control or touch mechanism.

Best smart switches on the market: Our recommendations

A common switch requires a contact to work, that is, to turn on or off the light in a specific environment. The smart switch, on the other hand, can do that remotely. Therefore, it is a very innovative product. We’ve compiled a list of the best models for you to find your ideal choice.

The most complete smart switch

The new Philips Hue Hue Dimmer smart switch model features an improved horizontal installation. Also in the aesthetic design, with rounded corners that help cushion falls.

It has a wireless remote control with 3 buttons that works on batteries, memorizes the environments and adapts the lighting considering the time of day. You can have up to 4 environments as favorites in the Philips Hue app to accommodate the intensity of light to our preference.

The most advanced smart switch

Sonnoff offers a model that requires no batteries and has a small, lightweight design that is easy to clean. It works with the eWeLink app, which is available for iOS and Android. Users choose between Alexa and Google Home to handle voice control at the time of installation.

The smart switch requires wifi connection. Also, logging into the app requires creating an account. More than one family member can download eWeLink and have the convenience of turning appliances on and off remotely.

The Most Functional Smart Switch

The smart switch offered by Etersky can be controlled by the SmartLife app or voice command. It does not require batteries. It can suit the routine of its user through timer to turn on and off the lights, whether away from home or sleeping.

Buyers agree that its installation is simple. The main material is glass, which makes it easy to clean. Besides, it has short-circuit or overload protection. It also has a button that works when we want to give an indication without making so much noise.

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The easiest smart switch to install</h3

Meross offers a plastic smart switch compatible with iOS and Android. It works remotely and by voice control. In the Meross app you can find the steps to follow to install the smart switch. People who purchased it say it was easy to install.

Its panel is made of shock-resistant glass. In addition, it has an overload protection circuit. It also has an LED light that can be turned on and off through the app to distinguish the smart switch in the dark. To offer a more stable connection, it connects with wifi.

Buying Guide: What you need to know about the smart switch

The world of lighting is changing to bring more convenience to the user. From energy-saving lamps and smarts

plugs, to the smart switch. If you want to know more and clear your doubts about the smart switch, read on! We have a lot to tell you.

Interruptor inteligente Interruptor inteligente The smart switch is a device that takes up little space and is simple to use. (Source: Diy13: 163543139 / 123rf)

What is a smart switch?

The smart switch is a device that replaces the common switch. This is because, in addition to turning lights on and off remotely, it allows you to connect video game consoles and music devices. Some models even control blinds and garage doors.

This technological device controls the lights in your home and office from your mobile phone or tablet. It’s usually through an app, although some designs also work by voice command.

What types of smart switches are there?

There are 3 types of smart switches: tactile, micro-modules and optical. All of them are connected to wifi and have a specific app to download to your mobile and/or tablet. It is to be able to send the on or off command wirelessly.

Types of smart switches Features
Tactile Connects to the wall, taking the place of an old or conventional light switch. Works with app, voice command and/or in the traditional way, by pressing the button.
Micromodules Connects directly to a light point with one or more relays. It works without taking space away from the conventional switch.
Optical Connects to the wall. They work with relays and flat buttons. Detect finger movements to turn lights on or off.

How does it work

The smart switch?

If you have a smart switch with voice command, you are given a direct indication of the action you want to perform. The respective app is also downloaded. It doesn’t only matter whether it’s iOS or Android, but also the brand of the smart switch, because each has its own app.

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The app shows all the functions that you will be able to control remotely. From there you can program the times when you want to have the light off


All family members can control the smart switch. All you need to do is download the app and share the account.

How to install a smart switch?

Some models are easy to install. However, if you don’t have the right tools at home, we suggest you ask an electrician for help. All require a neutral wire, and a few smart switch models also require batteries to operate.

Once you have the smart switch installed on the wall, the next step is to download the corresponding application on your mobile and/or tablet

. Finally, create an account in the application to be able to enjoy the device.

Instalación de un iterruptor inteligenteInstalación de un iterruptor inteligenteWherever you are, keep control of the smart switch in your home with a single click. (Source: Tomasz Zagórski: tzHYjk_Ab6k / unsplash)

How to connect a smart switch?

It should be noted that smart switches come with 2 or 3 touch buttons. Their only icon is a small picture of the wireless network. The light on this icon turns on when it is not connected to a wifi network.

When you buy a smart switch without a neutral wire, a capacitor is included in the box. This must be connected to one of the bulbs in the house that it will control (turn on and off). With or without neutral wire, the smart switch needs to be connected to the house wifi.

Why have a smart switch at home?

Because the smart switch cares about the user, offering the convenience of controlling lighting remotely via app or voice command. It also saves on energy consumption. In the following table, the advantages and disadvantages of having a smart switch at home are explained (1)


  • Innovative technology.
  • Remote management of functions.
  • Voice control.
  • Easy installation.
  • Functions can be programmed.
  • <l

i> Savings in energy consumption.

  • Disadvantages

    • Higher price than common switches.

    Purchasing criteria

    Avoid doubts or regrets. So before you buy the ideal smart switch for your home or get one for your office, consider the following important criteria:


    The main function of a smart switch is to illuminate a room without the need for physical contact. However, models offer other conveniences to suit the user’s lifestyle.

    For example, timer to program the time to turn on and off the lights of specific areas of the house. They also have voice command to give a command, simply by telling it what you want. In addition, electronic devices can be turned on and off remotely.


    All smart switches need to be connected to the wifi network with 2.4 GHz connection to work properly. You should pay special attention to this aspect to get the most out of your smart switch.

    Bluetooth technology in smart switches is used to connect to Apple’s Homekit.

    This way, apart from turning the light on and off, you can also control the blinds, electric curtains and garage doors. Have you ever imagined experiencing something like this without spending too much money?

    Interruptor inteligenteInterruptor inteligenteThe smart switch allows you to turn the lights off or on without getting out of bed. (Source: Shane: 35bnMbid2rQ / unsplash)

    Operating System

    In the world of smart switches we find Alexa and Google Home, also known as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Most smart switches are compatible with both. It is easy to use on mobiles with iOS system, as well as Android.

    Another system, not as well known, is SmartThings, which performs the requested functions by voice command. The operating system of the smart switch allows you to analyze the consumption of energy power in real time. Therefore, it gives you the possibility to remotely turn off the connected device for safety, set alarms and notify them (2).

    Remote or touch control

    The smart switch has a simple square design, with a button to speak with the voice command or turn on and off the power.l device. Others have touch buttons, which don’t have reference images, but are explained in your guide. They depend on the app that indicates the brand of smart switch in its box.

    Another option, if you do not want to depend on the mobile or tablet, is to choose models with remote control with 3 or 4 buttons with respective images of their functions. They adapt to the wall and can be taken out to send the order from another space in the home.


    A smart switch provides convenience, saves energy, is easy to install and can be used by a child or an older adult without any problems. Also, you don’t need to worry about changing batteries and it doesn’t require maintenance. In addition, it is easy to clean, being made of glass and plastic.

    Take care of your pocket for the diversity of prices offered by the market and do not waste electricity, programming on and off times in your smart switch. It’s just a matter of finding the smart switch that best suits your lifestyle and installing it in your home with its respective app.

    (Featured image source: Zhudifeng: 81368152 / 123rf)