The 49-inch Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 monitor, with its Dual Quad HD VA 240 Hz G-Sync/FreeSync panel and mini-led backlight system with over 2,000 zones, will arrive in France in August for around €2,200. Pre-orders are open.

The Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 49″ monitor (S49AG950NU) features the same 49-inch (124 cm) VA panel with a tightly curved 1m (1000R) radius as the Samsung Odyssey 49G9 (C49G95T) we tested. The screen still displays a Dual Quad HD definition of 5120 x 1440 px, equivalent to that of two 27-inch Quad HD monitors, a contrast of 2500:1, a response time of 1 ms, viewing angles of 178° and, above all, a native frequency of 240 Hz.

This monitor is also compatible with FreeSync and G-Sync to ensure perfect image fluidity. What’s new is the use of a mini-LED backlighting system that manages 2048 zones and allows for a peak brightness of 2000 cd/m² compared to only 1000 cd/m² for the 49G9 that we tested. The latter only had an HDR mode limited by its Edge-Led backlight system. If the peak brightness of 1000 cd/m² is well reached, the blooming remains too present. The switch to a mini-led backlighting system with 2048 zones should allow to constrain blooming and to boost the brightness of very small zones reinforcing the dynamics of the image.

The connectivity and ergonomics remain identical to the first 49G9. We find an adjustment of the tilt between -3° and +13°, of the height on 12 cm and even of the rotation on ±15° on the left and on the right thanks to a ball joint. As for the connectivity, there are two DisplayPort 1.4 inputs, an HDMI 2.0b input that is HDCP 2.2 compatible, a headphone output and two USB 3.0 ports. This monitor does not have built-in speakers.

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If the Samsung C49G95T is sold for about 1400 €, you will have to pay nearly 2200 € for this Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 49 and its mini-led backlight system. The monitor is already in pre-order on the Samsung store for an announced availability on August 9, 2021. We will obviously test this model to know if the switch to a mini-led backlight really justifies the price difference. For the rest, there should be no surprises since this model keeps the same VA LCD panel and identical ergonomics.