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Published on 08/08/2021 at 19:00, updated on 08/08/2021 at 18:56

Amazon is slashing the price of this super fast, high performance Samsung SSD. If you’re looking to boost your machine, the NVMe SSD is a cost-effective and reliable solution that will give your setup a real boost.

NVMe SSDs: The Next Generation of Storage Systems

With 4K gaming and increased FPS, next-generation consoles and PCs need a lot of power. This can be provided by ultra-fast SSDs, which can transfer data at breakneck speeds, eliminating any load times. With everything going paperless, these components also need to have enough storage space so that they are not quickly limited by the various downloaded content.

Buy Samsung 980 500GB NVMe SSD for £64

Samsung 980: An ultra-fast NVMe SSD at a low price

With a size of 500GB, this SSD will boost your PC for gaming and thus make it enjoy XXL performance, especially with products from Samsung. This is the case of the 980 model, an ultra-fast internal SSD that sees its price reduced on its initial rating. A bargain to take advantage of the upcoming Next Gen games coming this late 2021 and the next.

The Samsung 980 SSD is flat and quite elongated (8.01 x 2.21 x 0.24 cm) but above all holds a supersonic data transfer rate and reading speed: 3200 MB per second. A technological feat which, even if it is progressively democratized in the computer world, makes it possible to reach speeds close to those recorded by the RAM! A huge breakthrough is in the works, and next-generation consoles will undoubtedly spearhead it.

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NVMe SSDs have several advantages over traditional SSDs or even HDDs. Firstly, they are much more compact and do not take up any space in the machine. Secondly, they are extremely durable and stand the test of time. Finally, the data path is much simpler and more direct. This means that time-consuming steps can be eliminated and data loading and retrieval time can be drastically reduced. Where a hard drive must mechanically search for information on a disk, the NVMe SSD stores this information digitally. This explains the gain in reactivity recorded and especially the impact of this technology on current and future video game productions.

The price is 64€ at Amazon, the best price on the market. Note that the manufacturer’s warranty is 5 years for a product that is clearly worth the detour!

Buy Samsung 980 500GB NVMe SSD for 64€.

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