It’s not uncommon for manufacturers to take inspiration from the successes of their competitors. That may be the case with Rowenta, which has just released the Trim&Style 13-in-1, a trimmer not unlike the iconic Philips MG7720/15 Multigroom.

If you’re a regular reader of our sales deals, you can’t have missed it. Indeed, the Philips MG7720/15 Multigroom is often featured in our columns during these periods as this versatile and efficient model is often offered at very attractive prices. It may have just found a competitor in Rowenta: the Trim&Style 13 in 1 – Easy TN9140F4.

Behind the long name is a very simple electric lawnmower, but one that relies on a host of accessories to ensure its versatility and appeal to consumers. Indeed, it comes with no less than four heads for different uses: one for hair (44 mm wide), one for beards (32 mm), a grid head for maintaining a short beard and finally a head for removing unsightly hair in the nose and ears. Of course, Rowenta also provides six different cutting heads to vary the height of the hair (3, 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18 mm). Beards can count on two shoes but with adjustable height in 0.5 mm increments: the first allows you to choose a cutting height between 3 and 7 mm, the second between 8 and 12 mm. Add to all this a soft carrying case as well as the traditional cleaning brush and oil can.

<!–[if IE 9]><!–[if IE 9]> Grâce à ses nombreux accessoires, la tondeuse Trim&Style peut s'aventurer sur tous les terrains. © Rowenta

Thanks to its many accessories, the Trim&Style mower can venture onto any terrain.


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From a technical point of view, the Trim&Style 13 in 1 – Easy TN9140F4 is much more sensible. Its Li-ion battery recharges in 90 minutes and can last 120 minutes according to the manufacturer. Surprisingly enough, Rowenta’s lawnmower has two power levels. We go from one to the other with a selector placed under the thumb. Finally, thanks to the Wet&Dry system, the user can shave in the shower. Nevertheless, the main interest is to be able to clean the trimmer by simply passing it under water.

The Rowenta Trim&Style 13 in 1 – Easy TN9140F4 is already available for 55 €. The Philips MG7720/15 Multigroom was launched at €79, but is currently sold for around €50. It seems that the game is not over. is just beginning.