Ricoh is one of the specialists in 360-degree video with its small Theta cameras. The latest model, the Theta X, boasts a touchscreen, 5.7K video at 30 fps and a 60-megapixel photo mode.

Ricoh Theta X

Launch price € 999

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With the Theta X, Ricoh adds a new high-end 360° camera to its catalog. In order to stand out from the Theta Z1 and Theta SC2, the latest addition has several arguments for it. Starting with a well-made design with the use of a magnesium alloy. The image quality, it, benefits from nice advances, as well as the general ergonomics.

Shots up to 60 megapixels

The Theta X has two new 1/2″ 48 megapixel sensors. We can take pictures up to 60 megapixels with the 11K mode, when the light conditions are excellent. In a situationation, the 5.5K mode is recommended. It benefits from about 15 megapixels.

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The Theta X features a new 2.5-inch touchscreen. Ricoh

For video, it is possible to go up to 5.7K definition at 30 fps. This feature has already been seen at Insta360 with its One X2, or very similar on the GoPro Max. Like its competitors that target a more mainstream market, Ricoh announces improvements on video stabilization. The more traditional 4K mode can reach 60 fps.

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Ergonomics is improving

Great novelty at Ricoh, a “large” touch screen of 2.5 inches is now available. The key to this is the presence of a video feedback and the possibility to control the small camera more efficiently. Image control is also accessible directly on the Theta X.

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The various models in the range. Ricoh

Of note to users, the Theta X introduces two new features that, on their own, may be a good reason to change your camera. The battery is now removable and a microSD card offers the possibility to increase the internal storage capacity by 46 GB.

Theta bonuses

The wireless connection with a smartphone is facilitated, but also faster, according to the manufacturer. In addition, a GPS or A-GPS function can be activated to geotag its images. Finally, the Ricoh360 Tours service, which allows to broadcast the images in 360° or to organize virtual tours, is compatible.

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Connectivity is improved with the Theta X. Ricoh

The Theta X’s operating system honors the professional-oriented camera series by using an Android base. This allows third-party developers to create custom extensions to “extend the capabilities” of the camera. User profiles can also be set up with a direct connection to Ricoh’s servers, in order to make specific configurations or update the devices easily.

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Price and availability

The Theta X comes with a DB-110 battery, USB-C cable and soft case. Optional extras include the TL-3 lens protector, to protect the 360° camera lenses, and a battery charger. The Theta X, which is already available for pre-order, will be launched in March 2022 at a recommended retail price of €999.

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