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Video surveillance is a topic very dear to me, as I was passionate about it, alas, following a theft at home at a time when I had never heard of video surveillance.

Today I talk to you about the VACOS Cam IR, a new product recently launched by the Chinese company that tries to stand out among the many products on the market with a couple of features reserved for a few: it is a battery-powered camera, also suitable for outdoor use, compatible with Alexa and Google Home and a few other goodies of which I will tell you shortly.

Review VACOS Cam IR of the Pack

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sales package of the VACOS Cam IR is quite well equipped, especially for wall mounting. In the package, in fact, we find:

  • VACOS IR Cam
  • USB cable – Micro USB
  • 1 wall mounting bracket with the possibility to rotate the camera once fixed, in addition to its kit of fischer and screws
  • 1 magnet for wall mounting in an alternative way, in addition to its kit of Fischer and screws
  • Instruction manual
  • Sticker required by law “Area Videosorvegliata”.
  • Scheme for drilling the wall for the final fixing

Design and Materials

Aesthetically, this VACOS Cam IR does not differ from the dozens of models found online, but it must be said, however, that with its “egg” shape without the top tip has its own charm. The materials in which it is made are practically plastic everywhere and in some places you can particularly feel some overly cheap finish.

However, the notification LEDs (blue and red) on the front of the device are not lost on the eye, as well as two infrared sensors to improve video quality at night.

In the rear are the connet

Micro USB connector to connect the camera via wall power supply, or to recharge the internal battery with which the camera is equipped. There is to say, also, that this model of Vacos Cam supports power via solar panel, I could not test it because it is an accessory supplied separately, however, the company has not sent me.

On the back is also the speaker and microphone for recording audio, there is also a threaded hole for connection to the support provided in the package for wall mounting. I recommend you to use the adjustable support because it gives the camera more stability and security once fixed to the wall.

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The alternative, always provided in the package, is a support fixed to the wall that connects to the cam with a magnet, rather strong and durable, but certainly less stable than something mechanically screwed and tight


Among the important features should be mentioned the compatibility IP65 which allows, therefore, to place the camera outside even in bad weather without the risk of breaking it, the ideal scenario would be to connect it together with the solar panel provided as an extra accessory, but even the only battery from 6700 mAh ensures an estimated autonomy up to 6 months by the manufacturer. I wouldn’t hold my breath on this promised duration, but I’ll update you on the actual duration.

The camera can work in environments where temperatures range from -20 to +50 degrees.

Hardware Features and Image Quality

The VACOS Cam IR has a 2MP CMOS sensor with recording supported up to 1080p, the video codec used is h.264 and audio compression is 2-way PCM. The photo sensor has a viewing angle of 120 degrees and has, in addition, two infrared sensors for recording at night, these sensors provide a good quality of shooting up to a maximum distance of 10 meters.

<img src=”” alt=” width=”763″ height=”424″ />The

camera supports only 2.4Ghz and not 5Ghz Wi-Fi networks: this is important because with a 5Ghz network it will be impossible to use the camera. Logically, as with all models similar to this, the presence of a Wi-Fi network is mandatory because without it you will not even start the initial configuration process.

The VACOS Cam IR is also equipped with an internal memory of 16GB eMMC type that can record movies locally not in continuous mode but only when detecting the passage of a human. Recording can also be done on the cloud like many other models of this type: it must be said, however, that as often happens the prices are rather prohibitive especially if you think that, for example, in a system of 4 cameras, you will have to pay 4 different subscriptions to the rates that I show below.

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this regard, the VACOS Cam IR is equipped with a recognition type PIR (Passive Infrared Detector) + AI: in essence it means a system capable of recognizing through infrared rays (like the common sensor of burglar alarms on the market for over 20 years) combined with artificial intelligence, the passage of only human beings automatically excluding the souls


for example, thus avoiding any false alarms.

Configuration processThe configuration process is very simple and identical to all other IP cameras on the market, once downloaded the Vacos Smart App available both on iOS and Android, the application will ask us immediately to connect to our Wi-Fi network and then to enter the password, in order to communicate it to the camera


After that is shown a QR Code containing the network information, you have to place the QR in front of the camera that emits a BIP and warns us that we can send forward the configuration process, which will take only a few more seconds to conclude.

<img width=”1200″ height=”865″ src=” 1200w, https://gizchina.en/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Recensione-Vacos-Cam-SE-camera-ipcamera-videosorveglianza-lowcost-review-prezzo-offer-coupon-italia15-300×216.jpg 300w,×554.jpg 768w,×502.jpg 696w,×770.jpg 1068w,×420.jpg 583w,×235.jpg 324w,×108.jpg 150w” alt=” />It’s

essential, as already mentioned, that there is a Wi-Fi network to which you can connect the camera otherwise you won’t even be able to configure it and use it



app The Vacos Smart app is overall well made, especially when compared to many other “chinese” apps that you often don’t even get to use


The configuration process is very simple and once you have added the CAM you will find it in the list of the devices available on the homepage.

Among the absent functions, as already anticipated, the continuous recording: you will be able to record only when a human is detected, and for many people this could be a bit uncomfortable. After selecting the camera that interests us, the selection is basically between five function buttons, or screenshots, start a conversation via microphone and speaker, recording a video (in real time, on the memory of the smartphone), activation or deactivation of motion detection and an album in which to view any screenshots or videos saved.

In motion detection options available to the user are really risked; there is the possibility to enable it or not, adjust the sensitivity but not, for example, mapping in the frame and decide whether to leave areas “blind” to be disregarded in motion detection

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The cool thing</em>, though, is that upon motion detection you can trigger an audible alarm (limited, though, to activate 2-5-10 minutes after detection, a bit of a nonsense). The volume is rather high, but I doubt it can really be useful in case of theft, for example.

Last aspect, a bit marginal given the little real usefulness, is the compatibility with Alexa and Google Home, to which you can ask to view the cameras with just your voice (provided that your Alexa or Google device is equipped with a display).

Considerations and Price

I have to tell you the truth: when I unwrapped this camera and made the first configuration I was impressed, a little ‘by its appearance and a little’ by the technical features, but making a little ‘more tests and going into detail, it is not all gold that glitters.

There is one thing to be said: the VACOS Cam IR is a good product, let’s be clear. It works well, has a detection of humans accurate and reliable, has a photo sensor more than sufficient, but then it has something that does not convince me 100%.

I speak of the price, a bit ‘out of the box for my canons, but in line with other IP Camera battery: about XXXX euros on the store …..

In addition, the aspect that has left me most bitter in the mouth is the application: in theory it has what it takes to do well, but there is something missing, a little more than something to tell the truth. The absence of continuous recording, the inability to map the monitoring areas as well as more customization (for example, turn off the LEDs that light up when detected that, perhaps, in the case of hidden camera could make it noticed to a hypothetical thief in the house) make me think that there is a little ‘work to be done on the software side.

Good, but not great. The software can be improved, but the camera is promoted.

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