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As we have now learned to understand, the active noise cancellation in headphones or earphones has become a prerogative of the choices of many users. That search for isolation from the surrounding environment involves a bit ‘all and then more and more brands are working to churn out their model to perform this task. And it is not exempt SuperEQ, OneOdio‘s partner, that with its first model of earphones TWS Q1 Pro tries to convince us and you in this review: will it succeed?

SuperEQ Q1 Pro review

recensione supereq q1 pro 01recensione supereq q1 pro 01

Package contents

Much less colourful than the SuperEQ S1 over-ear headphones, the Q1 Pro’s packaging in review covers the colors of the brand (aqua green) playing with simplicity. And simple is also the equipment of the box, where we find the earphones, grommets and a small USB-C cable. For what they cost and what you have to do, it’s fine.

Design and materials

Very similar in design to various earbuds we’ve already seen, they stand out for the small grille on the stems that are suitable for touch controls. They’re not particularly small, but they’re not uncomfortable on the ear and they’re also stable.

The polycarbonate used is not bad at all, among other things it is opaque and therefore draws less fingerprints when you handle them. Good for this, at least.

Smart functions

Basically, the smart functions through the touch controls of these SuperEQ Q1 Pro are simple, but they do what they are supposed to do. With a single touch we put Play/Pause, otherwise with 3 touches we go for the voice assistant. We recommend a stronger click for this function.

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Pairing is fast, stable with standard 5.0, but you have to remove the earphones from the case for this to happen. Probably anachronistic, all in all it’s fine if the connection is then stable. There’s no trace of an app, but that’s okay given the price.

ANC chapter: the noise cancellation on these earphones is activated by pressing and holding for a couple of seconds on the designated area and we have to say that they perform very well in this respect, for a mid-range product.

Audio Quality – SuperEQ Q1 Pro

recensione supereq q1 pro 02recensione supereq q1 pro 02

Audio quality, to be honest, is not the best quality of these SuperEQs. Let’s be clear, the quality is good enough for good listening, but we’re not looking at a product that delivers the best possible sound. For general listening it may be fine, but it’s not very clean.

Perhaps the best gives it in calls and in fact this, for the type of product, which are concrete in quality and we do not struggle to make us feel good.


Not bad instead the autonomy, which behaves smoothly with what is indicated by the manufacturer. We manage to have 3/4 hours of general listening and above all we manage to get to several hours thanks to the case. Definitely good earphones in this sector.

SuperEQ Q1 Pro review – Price and conclusions

The price of the SuperEQ Q1 Pro in review is certainly indicative to give a final judgment. Considering that on the official store they cost around

At £43/€45, we really couldn’t expect more, especially from the ANC they offer.

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So, who are these TWS earphones for? Those looking for a pair that will allow them to make a call without using their phone or those who need good isolation while spending little. Less suitable for those who want to listen purely to music.

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