recensione honor earbuds 2 lite copertinarecensione honor earbuds 2 lite copertina Smart LifeSmart Life

We’ve known for some time now the story of the separation between Huawei and Honor, who have taken different paths but still tend to resemble each other in some products. And the Honor Earbuds 2 Lite TWS earbuds, protagonists of this review, are not exempt, very similar to the FreeBuds 4i, but will they do as well?

Review Honor Earbuds 2 Lite

Package Contents

Similar to the aforementioned Huawei, the compact, square box is minimalist, but still has everything you need for TWS earbuds like the Honor Earbuds 2 Lite in review. There are grommets of various sizes, but also the Type-C charging cable and manuals, always useful.

Design and materials

The design is the most inspired thing by the FreeBuds 4i, but this still results in a nice product. We found the quality of the grommets to be very good and they have a very comfortable shape for the ears, along with the grille with wide holes. They are not small, but we confirm that they fit well once worn. The case, on the other hand, is different from the Huawei model, heavier probably due to a larger battery.

Smart functions

The smart functions are very concrete and simple, we found them precise and with an important response with the touch controls. The pairing, with Bluetooth 5.2, is stable and fast, no problem whatsoever. The discourse is not really positive as far as software is concerned.

The manufacturer tells us to use Huawei AI Life (but hadn’t they separated?), yet both in the version of the application downloaded through the Play Store, both for the one downloaded through the link indicated, there is no support for Honor Earbuds 2 Lite, which makes it impossible to adjust the controls. The hope is in a support in the near future or with another app maybe just from Honor.

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Moving on to something more positive, the ANC is very good and gives us the correct sense of isolation when active, just like the Huawei ones.

Audio Quality – Honor Earbuds 2 Lite

recensione honor earbuds 2 lite 02recensione honor earbuds 2 lite 02

In spite of the FreeBuds 4i, the Honor Earbuds 2 Lite convinced us right away in the audio department. Clean sound, good level and honestly for what they cost (less than the Huawei ones), we couldn’t honestly ask for more, as they really sound like a pair of earbuds around 80-100€.

The audio on the call was appreciated by both us making the call and those on the receiving end. The tone was clean and not tinny, really good.


And here we get a bigger boost than their twins. The Honor Earbuds 2 Lite really do last a long time, mirroring what the manufacturer claims, especially with the help of the case charge, which is definitely a plus as far as long-lasting production goes.

Honor Earbuds 2 Lite – Price and Conclusions

At the end of this review, to frame these Honor TWS earbuds we need to start with the price. On AliExpress, currently the only sales channel, we find them around 55-60€ which, considering what they offer, is a really good price.

And from here, we conclude by saying what? That these earphones are really good for everyone, both for those looking for

something not to spend too much on, but also for those looking for a great product that is definitely worth more than what you pay for it. Find the link to purchase them below.

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N.B. If you do not see the link, we recommend that you disable AdBlock when purchasing.

Honor Earbuds 2 LiteHonor Earbuds 2 Lite

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