Withings is certainly known for its smartwatches, which combine class and elegance with really interesting health features. There’s more to its portfolio of devices, though, like the BPM Connect, a blood pressure monitor. It’s clinically certified, so it’s an accurate device that can provide important information about your health.

What it looks like

BPM Connect, as well as all the other devices in the manufacturer’s catalog, is a minimal and elegant device, with an all-in-one construction, which does not have cables, tubes, or other bulky devices to mount whenever you want to measure your blood pressure. It is, in essence, a band, combined with a small white pump. Overall, it is a device that should certainly not impress for aesthetics, but for functionality, but is able to present itself well at first glance.

The band is of a really generous size, which will certainly allow anyone to use this tool. On the small pressure pump there is a screen, not the typical LCD, but a white LED display. This detail allows the instrument to be aesthetically better, with a greater harmony of lines, which otherwise would not have been possible to achieve with a typical LCD. The choice of LEDs rewards, therefore, minimalism, although it certainly has its limits in the data display.

It must be said, however, that the basic information is readable from the device, without the necessary use of the smartphone.

How it works

The use of BPM Connect is immediate and intuitive, and anyone can start the measurements without even needing much explanation. You insert the bracelet, with the button on the wristband, and the device starts measuring.with the top of the pump positioned at heart level. At this point it is sufficient to moderately tighten the band and press the only button present. Fully automated is the phase of inflation, which tightens the arm well, obviously without causing any pain, with a pump noise really low.

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The Withings Connect is powered by a USB rechargeable battery. We can’t give you an estimate of the autonomy, but we can say with certainty that, with several readings a day, over the course of a month we have not yet had to charge it.

The measurement takes just a few seconds, about half a minute, although it is possible, by prolonged pressure on the button, to perform three measurements in sequence. The Connect measures both blood pressure (systolic and diastolic) and heart rate, returning this data on the LED display, without the need to synchronize the smartphone. It supports up to eight different users, to be enabled in the Health Mate app dashboard, although in this case recording the results to a particular user takes a few too many clicks. At the end of the measurement you’ll need to press the button, holding it down again to scroll through the list of users. When the name is correct, you can press the button again. You can also select Guest as user, and in this case the recorded data will not be synchronized with the app.

As for the accuracy of the measurements, we compared the data returned by the connect with different devices that you buy directly from the pharmacy. In almost all cases we had almost identical measurements, while the differences in some circumstances may be due to a thousand variables. Certainly, we can say that the BPM Connect of Withings returns absolutely valid and correct data.

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BPM Connect connects wirelessly with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, through which it exchanges information with your smartphone. The connection is pretty much always on and immediately sends blood pressure readings to the Withings Health Mate app, allowing the user to read the data in the history top. The app is really well done and returns a ton of information, all nicely sorted.

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For each day’s measurements there is the data from the systolic and diastolic measurements, and the heart rate recorded at that time. Each blood pressure measurement is classified as optimal, normal, high normal, grade 1 hypertension, grade 2 hypertension, grade 3 hypertension and isolated systolic hypertension.

These individual measurements are also aggregated for weekly, monthly, and yearly viewing so that average systolic and diastolic readings can be displayed, as well as displaying the highest and lowest measurements.


This Connect from Withings certainly deserves praise for its ease of use and slim design, which is easy to carry around with you. Fast on measurements, it allows for a well-organized history within the app. It’s well made, with a very sturdy band that will last. There are no negative notes to make, but if we really had to say one, switching between users for measurement assignment can be unintuitive, especially if you have 8 registered users.


  • Aesthetically well made
  • Solid and robust
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Accurate in measurements
  • Excellent app support


  • Switching between users

Price and availability

It costs €99.95 and can also be purchased from the official website of Italian distributor Hinnovation.