VIDEO // A new cooking exercise for our colleagues Lâm Hua with Marie Ciolfi and Mathieu Freitas. After the food processors, let’s make room for the barbecues and planchas, the latest arrivals in our home section. Seasonal products!

You’ve certainly noticed. Les Numériques has launched a series of barbecues and planchas tests to get the summer off to a good start. And the opportunity was too good for Lâm Hua to dedicate a special live to this new section which includes a mix of electric and gas barbecues and planchas of different sizes. Marie Ciolfi, head of the in-house department, accompanied by Mathieu Freitas, head of the in-house section, were obviously requisitioned for this event. Of course, chipolatas, merguez, chicken legs, beef ribs and seasonal vegetables were part of this unique show, put together in the courtyard of the Nums building by the entire video team in the blazing heat.

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With joy and good humor, our trio of the day concocted recipes for you on the dot, with mushroom peppers and fennel if you please, while explaining the particularities of the different cooking and the many products present on the set and while answering the many questions asked live. A great performance. It was also an opportunity to remind you of the fundamentals of our test protocol for these products: ergonomics, ease of use, cooking efficiency and maintenance. And to give you an appointment for the next tests of planchas and barbecue on our site.

Here is 1 h 30 min of live to relive and enjoy in the fridge.

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