The Redroad brand has just announced a new cordless vacuum cleaner under the name Redroad V17. Like Redroad’s previous products, the V17 exemplifies the company’s high standards in material selection, exterior design, and manufacturing process. Such quality manufacturing allows the RedRoad V17 to bring higher performance at a more affordable price.

Redroad V17 cordless vacuum cleaner announced: focus on quality

Redroad V17

The RedRoad V17 cordless vacuum cleaner includes two HEPA filters. With a sophisticated air duct design, the inlet HEPA captures micro particles so they don’t block the motor. The H13 HEPA activated carbon at the exit of the circular air duct design ensures the outflow is cleaner than the air you breathe. In contrast, Dyson has a more traditional air duct and a single HEPA filter. It sucks in dirty air, filters out larger pieces of dirt, and sends the air outside.

The RedRoad V17 arrives with swivel wheels, dual roller brushes, strong 155 AW suction, long battery life (maximum 60 minutes), removable snap-on battery, and great air quality control.

Clearly, the choice of materials is also crucial to the production. Under RedRoad’s strict quality control, only the best materials are used, often to aerospace or medical grade standards.

An example to illustrate this point is the shiny appearance of RedRoad products, which already attracts prospective buyers. This is possible thanks to the high light transmission PC material, often used in optical lenses, that RedRoad’s engineers have chosen for their products. The material is also used in the premium RedRoad V17 for a crystal-clear, elegant appearance and scratch-free use.

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In addition to the quality material, RedRoad doesn’t skimp on the choice of colors either. The coating of the RedRoad V17 cordless vacuum cleaner, for example, comes from PPG and Musashi. That is, instead of adopting the normal method using computer colour combinations, RedRoad immediately adopted modular colour combinations as on smartphones, through its research database collected from several countries, the popularity and aesthetic grade of the different colours being tested. The entire selection and production process required more than 200 attempts and revisions.

As is obvious, the mould is the mother of production, with the quality of production depending mainly on the accuracy of the moulds. The commonly accepted error

tate of mold accuracy is within 30μm, but RedRoad insists that the deviation be kept within 10μm when it was decided to produce the RedRoad V17 wireless vacuum cleaner, even though it cost millions of dollars. The greater precision of the parts ensures a refined appearance, stronger suction and less noise because a more precise fit can reduce friction, resonance and the possibility of leaks. A good product is the result of time, investment and experience.

RedRoad has even higher standards for special parts. The water tank and sealing parts of the vacuum cleaner, humidifier and iron, for example, are assembled by experienced technicians for high precision. This is followed by two seal quality tests to ensure that the main parts do not break in at least 10 years. Clearly, manual work means increased costs, but better quality.

Redroad V17

In conclusion, even the smartest and most innovative design could end in disaster if done through poor quality manufacturing. That’s why RedRoad insists on quality manufacturing in order to provide nothing but refined, sleek-looking, durable and user-friendly appliances.

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More info about Redroad products available on the official website


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Redroad V17 aspirapolvere senza fili annunciato: punta tutto sulla qualità

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