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A new trademark registered at the EUIPO offices may have revealed an important news coming for the Asian company: it is in fact the name Realme MagDart, a clear reference to the wireless charging technology MagSafe, linked to the latest devices from Cupertino.

Update 26/07: Realme confirms the arrival of MagDart wireless charging, complete with an official teaser. Find everything at the bottom of the article.

Realme MagDart: what we know about the new charging technology

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As anticipated in the opening, from the first certification document is likely that Realme MagDart refers to a particular wireless charging technology. The name comes from the union of MagSafe and Dart, which is the name of the fast charging of the Asian company. For those who missed some details,

MagSafe magnetic technology has been implemented by Cupertino on board the latest models of the 12 series: it is a series of magnets placed around the charging coil inside the smartphones of the 12 range. This allows for faster wireless charging (it goes up to 15W) and the ability to take advantage of dedicated accessories.

realme magdartrealme magdart

Realme is likely to have a similar solution in mind, with magnets integrated inside its future smartphones. However, it is interesting to note that the name has been registered in Europe, a sign that this new technology will find space in our country.

MagDart is reality: here’s how it’s doneAfter

seeing the document


the EUIPO, Realme has confirmed the existence of MagDart, the new magnetic charging device in the style of MagSafe. Confirming the whole thing was none other than the CEO Global (Europe and India) Madhav Sheth, who exclusively to colleagues at Gizmochina

has provided render images of how it will actually be made.

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The surprise is to see that there will actually be two models of Realme MagDart, one simple and thought just like MagSafe for iPhone and another much closer to a wireless charging device, with Type-C input and probably a fan underneath. There’s no data on the technical specs, but having been officially previewed, we’re likely to find out soon enough. More importantly, it’s increasingly likely that we’ll see them in Europe, perhaps later than the GT Masters


Here’s the first official teaser | Update 26/07

realme magdart<img width=”600″ height=”600″ src=” 600w,×300.jpg 300w,×150.jpg 150w,×420.jpg 420w,×96.jpg 96w” alt=”realme magdart” />Through

an official teaser poster Realme announces the arrival of its new magnetic wireless charging technology, namely MagDart as you can also see from the same image. The company hasn’t blurted out about it yet, but it’s clear that it’s not long before this new feature debuts. As soon as there will be news we will update this article with all the details.

Meanwhile, an avalanche of rumors have already popped up about the first Android smartphone with magnetic charging, Realme Flash: you can find all the news here

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