Razer Project Hazel is one step closer to becoming a reality that we will soon be able to buy, as after the first positive developments, the company has just announced the change of name (not yet final) to Razer Zephyr, thus taking this mask out of its project period to become a real product announced a definitive name for the mask.

But that’s not all, and is that as we can see in the various accounts of Razer social networks, currently we can already register to try to be part of the first selection of fans to test the actual device before its release date, already scheduled for later this year.

Although without a doubt what is most striking about the Razer Zephyr is its curious gamer-themed design, with a transparent front cover and an internal RGB lighting system, as well as the inclusion of a built-in microphone and speaker, which will allow us to slightly amplify our voice without the need to raise the pitch or having to remove it when we speak.

It will also feature adjustable straps to create an airtight seal that will have the ability to ventilate the CO2 while maintaining greater airflow thanks to its silicone face seal and anti-fog coating. But without a doubt the most interesting thing about it is that it will have a 99% BFE certification, with bacterial filtration efficiency capsules that can trap 99% of particles in the air.

Unfortunately, the only detail we still don’t know about the Razer Zephyr is how much it will cost, which considering the brand’s own prices, the large amount of add-ons and technologies, as well as a possibly quite exclusive character before the possible creation and distribution of a finite number of units, could lead us to a rather high figure.

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