The PUBG developer has sued the maker of another popular battle royale, Free Fire, which is featured in the App Store: not only that, Krafton has also implicated Apple and Google in the dispute, claiming that the two giants have refused to stop selling cheated versions of its popular game.

According to Reuters, Krafton has filed a complaint in Los Angeles federal court against Garena Online’s Free Fire game, guilty of allegedly copying several copyrighted aspects of PUBG’s gameplay: the battlefields, game structure, items, equipment and locations.

According to Krafton, Apple and Google distributed hundreds of millions of copies of the Free Fire game, without stopping the downloads. The complaint states that Garena generated more than $100 million in revenue from Free Fire sales in the U.S. in the first three months of 2021.

The PUBG developer also wants Apple to remove another game, also guilty of alleged copyright infringement, namely “Free Fire Max.” In the lawsuit, Krafton said that he had asked Garena, Apple and Google back in December to stop selling Free Fire games, with that request remaining unanswered.

The PUBG developer has also asked the court to stop the sales of the Free Fire games as well as claiming damages from the profits the company made from the Free Fire games and by using its own intellectual property. This is not the first time PUBG developers have filed a lawsuit against a battle royale game its direct competitor. In 2018, they also sued Fortnite for “protecting copyright,” as reported by the Korea Times.

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Although Apple has not taken action against Free Fire, the company removed many clones of the Wordle app from the App Store this week. It remains to be seen what Apple’s next move will be, and which side it will decide to take in the courtroom.