As it does every month, Sony is revealing the new PS4 and PS5 games that will be available to PlayStation Plus subscribers. In addition to your subscription allowing you to play online, have access to exclusive content, special promotions on some games and some DLC, you have free access to several games.

For the month of August 2021, there are three new games on the schedule… Face numerous dangerous demons, combative undead, aggressive wildlife, and racquet-wielding pros. Enjoy fantastic warfare in Hunter’s Arena: Legends, team play in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, and get on the court in Tennis World Tour 2

All three games are available to pick up from August 3 until September 6 on PS4 and PS5.

Hunter’s Arena: Legends (PS4/PS5)

As announced at State of Play a few days ago, Hunter’s Arena Legends will be released on August 3 on PS4 and PS5. The game will be offered directly to PS Plus subscribers. Take part in a 30-player PvP and PvE battle royale set in an ancient era where humanity is battling a growing legion of demons that have been unleashed upon the world.

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville (PS4)

Electronic Arts’ famous strategy game Plants vs. Zombies is finally back in PS Plus games! Now it’s time for the battle for Neighborville and beyond! Indeed, the tension extends beyond Neighborville into new social and roaming regions on the edges of the game’s most contested township. It’s going to be a tough battle!

Tennis World Tour 2 (PS4)

Play as the world’s best players or create your own pro and try to dominate the world rankings. Play for fun or take on Ranked mode to hone your skills. You can also enter Career Mode and become the best player on the planet!

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Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown (PS5)

Expected to be released on June 1st 2021, Virtua Fighter V: Ultimate Showdown is a remaster of Virtua Fighter 5 released on arcade terminals in 2006 and consoles in 2007. This new and improved version of the game features new graphics and online features. The music has also been rearranged and the game interface reworked.

The game is still available in July and you have until August 2, 2021 to pick it up for free on PS5.

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Simply log in to your PS4 or PS5 system, and go to the ‘PlayStation Store’ and then to the PS Plus category. Games of the month will be listed here with a special promotion to pick them up for free. You don’t have to download them, you can simply ‘add to library’ to pick them up and enjoy them until your subscription ends.


Don’t have your PS4 or PS5 handy? You can still add the PlayStation games you’ve been offered to your PSN library to make sure you have them until the end of your subscription. If your console is on standby, you can even start downloading your free games remotely, via the official PlayStation Store website. To do this, go to the PS Plus category and then to games of the month. You can also do this via the “PS App” on iOS and Android mobiles!

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Subscription Support Price Price per year
1 month PS4, PS5 8,99€ 107,88€
3 months PS4, PS5 24,99€ 99,96€
12 months PS4, PS5 59,99€ 59,99€

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