While Nintendo is going it alone with its new Switch OLED, Sony and Microsoft are battling it out with their new next-gen consoles. For the first time since the release of the PS5 and Xbox Series, both companies are releasing sales results. While both are breaking records, the PS5 seems to have been more successful.

10 million Playstation 5 shipped

In a press release, Sony announced that it has shipped 10 million PS5s to retailers (as of July 18, 2021). Considering the stock situation, we can deduce that these 10 million units have found takers. A record that allows the PS5 to dethrone the PS4, the most popular console in Sony’s history until now.

“Despite supply challenges and a global pandemic, we’re proud to have delivered a transformative gaming experience that captivates gamers around the world. Everyone at Sony has worked hard to make the PlayStation experience better than ever,” Sony wrote in its press release.

The Japanese company took the opportunity to highlight the success of the console’s exclusive games. Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart sold 1.1 million copies, Returnal 560,000 copies.

But the big hit was Spider-Man Miles Morales: 6.5 million players were tempted by the antics of Spider-Man. The success of the PS5 is even closely linked to that of the game, as it systematically appears in the top of the best-selling games during the periods when the PS5 is available in stock.

Xbox Series: the best start in history

On the Redmond side, the weather is also good. During the presentation of Microsoft’s financial results, Satya Nadella declared that the Xbox Series had experienced the best start in the history of the console.

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The company is no longer releasing precise sales figures, so we have to play a guessing game. With the Xbox One holding the sales record at 5.6 million units (ahead of the 5 million Xbox 360), the Xbox Series has logically surpassed 5.6 million sales.

In the absence of detailed figures, we will rely on the sales estimates published by VGChartz on July 23, 2021. The site predicted 10 million PS5 sales and nearly 6 million Xbox Series sales.

A stock update

These sales records are all the more remarkable since Sony and Microsoft are facing a shortage of components and therefore a supplyIt’s a complicated process. The PS5 and Xbox Series are hard to find, much to the delight of scalpers (who buy consoles at retail price and sell them for a premium).

Will the situation improve by the end of the year? Sony is reassuring. “We are making steady progress on global available supply and look forward to the day when everyone who wants a PS5 will be able to easily get it,” the Japanese company said in its statement.

Sony and Microsoft had better find a solution soon. Because new successful licenses will soon be available and will undoubtedly generate additional sales. Battlefield 2042 Far Cry 6 or Halo Infinite are among the most anticipated games. But without a console, there are no games.

In the meantime, Microsoft is taking the opportunity to promote its Game Pass and its hundreds of games available for a monthly subscription of a few euros. While waiting to see what will give the association Netflix-Sony announced a short time ago and planned for 2022.

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