PS5 hardware news: all the new features of the next update revealed

Published on 07/29/2021 at 14:38

The next PS5 firmware is currently in beta, and the first information is starting to come in: this time, it will indeed be a major update for the machine, with multiple software additions. Let’s take a look at it.

Sony warned

, Sony did: those who signed up and were selected by the company can now preview the upcoming PS5 firmware. A beta phase that will be used by the Japanese manufacturer to test certain features, identify problems and optimize the whole before delivering it to the general public later, at a date still undetermined.

The update is now available to a select few, and they’ve been quick to tell the world what’s new in it. First of all, there’s finally compatibility with an additional SSD (more info on that here

), but also a lot of small changes concerning online features, friends and trophies.

Changes in the next PS5 firmware

  • The ability to expand internal storage with an additional compatible SSD
  • 3D audio will be made compatible on TVs, and DualSense will even measure room acoustics with its microphone
  • PS5 and PS4 games will be differentiated with a separate display, avoiding the confusion that currently exists
  • The Control Center will be more customizable, and we’ll be able to remove or add more items of our choice
  • Trophies will now be displayed vertically, eliminating the annoying lack of visibility of their description
  • We’ll be able to quickly access five trophies per game
  • Game Base will be improved: we’ll now be able to see how many friends are online, busy or offline, and manage multiple friend requests at once
  • From PlayStation Now, you’ll now be able to choose between two image resolutions: 720p or 1080p
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You can still sign up for the beta at this address. Moreover, it’s not impossible that some new features will still evolve between now and the release of the final firmware…

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