For many years we have used toilet paper, for better or worse, as a means of cleaning. Meanwhile, the globalized world has developed advances in multiple other industries and elements of our daily lives. In this scenario, personal cleanliness has remained stagnant. This has not allowed us to improve our habits towards an improved model of hygiene and sustainability. The solution to this is water as a regular means of cleaning, something that is necessary and offers us great benefits. In this sense, it does not have to be a problem not to be at home.

Portable bidets offer us great advantages within the reach of anyone. In addition, they are characterized by their adaptability. Both to those who need a comfortable portability to take it wherever they want (for example, travelers or hikers), and to people who require certain facilities of use (for example, people with reduced mobility). It is essential to maintain good intimate hygiene in all circumstances.

The most important thing

  • The portable bidet is very useful to take with you anywhere and take care of your intimate hygiene, very easily and with a great quality-price ratio.
  • It reduces pain and relieves numerous diseases and sensitive conditions in these areas.
  • There are three main types. They share the same characteristics, but they can also be differentiated. Your choice of purchase will depend on your needs and taste. For this, you can count on a selection of the fundamental requirements before choosing your portable bidet.

The best portable bidets on the market: Our favourites

In this section, we want to offer you a selection of the best portable bidets, according to our criteria. The articles that you will see included have high quality features for their use. All of them share multiple benefits, although now we will focus on particularities. Start evaluating these great options on the market and choose the best one for you.

The best portable bidet for people with intimate diseases or more sensitive skins

This fumigated portable toilet bidet is made of antibacterial, non-toxic and anti-aging medical polymer. It is compatible with standard toilets, making it ideal for the home. A model that is very comfortable thanks to its soft edges, and is also very useful to relieve pain from intimate diseases or improve circulation in those areas.

In short, it is a portable bidet optimal for anyone who needs to avoid toilet paper or wet wipes. It is very useful for its softness and for its concreteness of a more complete and adequate cleaning. In addition, it works very well for the elderly and pregnant women. These need certain facilities of use due to a very reduced mobility due to their circumstances. With this model they are assured an effective intimate washing and, of course, they will be able to complete it in an autonomous and very satisfactory way for them.

The best portable bidet for travelling or camping for several days

This portable (hand-held) bidet made of plastic is designed to be held upside down, ergonomically. It is characterized by not allowing air blockages, that is to say, it avoidsThe spill or leak, and also by needing the pressure of the hand squeezing. It has a large capacity (450 ml) for washing. In addition, its size is similar to that of a small plastic bottle, being ideal for portability with discretion.

Also, the model is ideal for your trips, camping, excursions or similar, thanks to its dimensions, which makes it very practical. Its capacity will allow you to be very quiet while you wash, and its effective operation avoiding leaks will facilitate the action of squeezing. The users who have used it also value it highly as a bidet that is effective in post-pregnancy situations, highlighting its hygienic effectiveness.

The best portable bidet for people with reduced mobility

This electric portable bidet has an alloy filter that prevents the water from blocking the outlet. Another important factor is its waterproofness so that you can wet it or use it under water without any problem. It has an ergonomic design in which the fuselage is made of materials such as silicone (high quality) and ABS material. This gives it great stability and resistance. It also has a built-in 180-degree adjustable nozzle to easily direct it to where you need it. In addition, you should know that it works with 2 AAA batteries not included.

Therefore, it is a bidet profile really useful for anyone with reduced mobility. Here you can include, from the elderly, pregnant women, or even for alternative use as baby care or long trips. It is ideal for its simplicity, its size, and its ease of use for people with reduced mobility, just pour water inside and press one of the 2 power modes you have (soft mode / strong mode) according to your need.

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The best portable bidet for home use

This portable bidet attached to the toilet has a universal size with dimensions of 38 cm (width) x 41.5 (length) x 14 cm (height), which makes it adaptable to any standard toilet. In addition, it is made of plastic and is very comfortable and hygienic. It has a cap with a chain that enables water drainage.

We are talking about a portable bidet that is really practical and advantageous for home use. It works for most toilets and is very light to carry. On the other hand, it is very easy to keep clean thanks to the stopper and it does not splash. It can be used by the whole family for optimal hygiene and considerable paper savings. No doubt, if you don’t have one at home or simply want it for its many benefits, our comprehensive choice will not disappoint you.

The best portable bidet without bottle included

In this case we want to refer to the portable bidets that do not include bottle, as it may be of your preference. It is a handheld model that also has a discreet size and a very light weight, with small dimensions of 79.5 x 45 x 35 millimeters. The mouthpiece, in turn, is adaptable to most plastic bottles. You can take it wherever you want, as you only need the container and the capacity to squeeze it effectively.

Similarly, it also has a great versatility of use, as it can be suitable for anyone who can press the bottle without difficulty. It is very useful for women who are on their period, pregnant women, and postpartum women.

rto. In addition, it can be usable for the elderly and children, and you can benefit from secondary uses such as spraying plants. Without a doubt, this is probably the “most portable” of the bidets we have in mind.

Buying Guide: What you should know about portable bidets

We understand that there is a great lack of knowledge about portable bidets, so we want to answer your questions before you make your purchase decision. We will explain the most common questions that interest users. Below, you will find everything you need to know about this product to decide to buy it.

Reduces pain and relieves many diseases and sensitive conditions in those areas. (Source: olgaddemina: 170167284/ 123rf)

What is a portable bidet and how is it used?

A portable bidet is a device not integrated into the toilet on which a person sits for intimate hygiene. The mechanical and electric ones provide a portable bottle for personal use connected to a dispensing nozzle. Through it, a jet of pressurized water is emitted to rinse the intimate areas of either sex. On the other hand, the portable bidet attached to the toilet does not use a bottle. In its case, only the seat that must be filled with water (with the cap on) before fitting it to the toilet and sitting down.

These devices replace toilet paper as a method of intimate grooming, and also have great benefits.

Its use is simple, regardless of its mechanical or electric type. In the manual case you have to fill a bottle of water, position it upside down, and put pressure on it. With regard to the electric one, you have to press different buttons to execute the functions (which depend on their type). In both cases, the nozzle must be directed towards the desired area.

What is a portable bidet for?

This is very useful because of the benefits it provides when we go to the bathroom. The main thing about a portable bidet is precisely that, its portability.

You can take it with you, either out of necessity or for more intimate comfort on your travels.

This way, you can leave your genitals clean and healthy, giving you peace of mind and a greater sense of cleanliness.

In addition, it works especially for people with reduced mobility due to its ease of use adapted to them. Similarly, it also benefits people with diseases in intimate areas who need to avoid using toilet paper. These characteristics of the portable bidet are added to the greater hygiene that is obtained unlike the classic toilet paper. The toilet paper is less thorough in its cleaning and can lead to irritation.

“Toileting aids help to promote independence and prestige.

The design is designed to preserve the dignity of the elderly”.

What types of portable bidet are there?

There are different types. Each of them has different strengths and weaknesses depending on the particularities of manufacture. On the other hand, a very important factor depending on their typology is to know specifically which of them may suit you more or less. Here are the main types of portable bidets according to their different characteristics:

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Mechanical portable bidet Electric portable bidet Portable bidet attached to the toilet
Easy to use. Pressure is required. Bottle may be too hard or too soft. Very easy, just push buttons. No bottle required. Just fill it with water (we recommend warm water), place it and sit down.
Functionality. Manually operated. It has graduation of intensity, volume and speed. They do not use external devices.
Mechanism of use Bottle with nozzle. Bottle with nozzle that works with rechargeable battery. Bidet for toilet to fill it with water.
Portable use. Very easy to transport. Very easy to transport. Less suitable for transport due to its size and mode of use.
Time taken to clean Handheld can take twice as long as an electric one. Minimal duration due to its functionality. The longer it sits, the longer it takes to clean. It is effective in a short period of time.
Noise Noise from the bottle. Slightly louder than a mechanical bidet due to vibration. No noise.
Approximate comparative cost Usually the cheapest. Usually the most expensive. Most variable, with an intermediate cost.

As you can see, each of them have clear differentiations. These can help you in your selection so that your purchase decision is best suited to your needs or preferences.

Who is the portable bidet designed for?

It is designed for personal use and can be used by practically any individual. However, there are some types of people who may require them especially, such as travellers. Thus, they may find themselves in destinations where there is no possibility of effective cleaning and be dissatisfied, as they wish to maintain their intimate hygiene by avoiding paper. Therefore, they need to carry with them a portable bidet that is easy to carry and offers them comfort and cleanliness.

Other important groups for whom these designs are suitable are for people with mobility difficulties (elderly, pregnant women, etc.), and for those with diseases in intimate areas.

It will depend on each problem which type of portable bidet will be more convenient for them, as there are many particularities and benefits that they can enjoy.

<img src=”

37264783_s.jpg 848w,×200.jpg 300w,×512.jpg 768w,×300.jpg 450w” alt=” width=”848″ height=”565″ />The portable bidet is very useful to take with you anywhere and take care of your intimate hygiene, very easily and with a great value for money. (Source: kazoka30: 137264783/ 123rf)

What are the benefits of a portable bidet?

The benefits of a portable bidet are multiple and they vary depending on the model and type of product. Below, we have prepared the main ones for you to decide the most suitable for you and make your choice easier.

Mechanical portable bidet Electric portable bidet Portable bidet attached to the toilet
Easy to clean and disinfect.
Easy to transport. Less suitable due to its dimensions and method of use
Thorough intimate cleaning.
Suitable for people with reduced mobility
Effective solution for intimate diseases and specific care conditions (hemorrhoids, after episiotomy, constipation, diarrhea, prostatitis, after vaginal delivery, anal fissure, perineal relief, sensitive skin). (Probably the most suitable and comfortable design)
Eco-sustainable alternative.
Long-term cost savings.

As you can see, avoiding the use of toilet paper or wet wipes has many advantages for your health, your comfort and your personal hygiene. It is also environmentally friendly, as it only uses water. The portable bidet is a great intimate resource that can help you and be of great use.

Purchasing criteria

To buy a portable bidet you must take into account a number of essential factors. Below, we have compiled what we consider to be the essential criteria that you should consider. These will help you to finalize your preferences and help you in your purchase decision.

Nozzle type

The type of nozzle for mechanical or electric bidet models is one of the main factors to


The nozzles are detachable and their function is to dispense and spray the water when the bottle is pressed or squeezed. The feature you should take into account the most is the effectiveness of its shape, for optimal ergonomics


Angle is key to easy aiming, longer, retractable nozzles are often more conducive to this.

In battery-operated (or electric) portable bidets this feature is usually adjustable, and in hand-held bidets there are usually several nozzles with different fixed angles. In addition, these are usually attached by screwing them onto the tube or bottle, which may or may not be included in the product. When this is not the case, it is because they are adaptable mouthpieces (nor

(This can be used for any type of plastic bottle). Now you have the knowledge to assess the different types that exist, and thus better determine your model of portable bidet (mechanical or electric). Those that are attached to the toilet do not use a nozzle because of their design.

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Capacity (measured in milliliters) is important from the point of view that we obviously don’t want to run out of water in the middle of our wash. For the toilet-adjustable portable bidets this is not a problem, as they can hold enough water inside because of their seat design, unlike the other two types.

However, you should keep in mind more or less how much water you need for a complete and effective cleaning. This time we refer to the case of electric and mechanical portable bidets. In the case of the former, they tend to have a smaller capacity than the hand-held ones, which are more flexible in this respect. Of course, the capacity of the bottle is a fundamental requirement to consider at the time of purchase.

These devices replace toilet paper as a method of intimate hygiene, achieving great benefits. (Source: Welcomia: 94226172/ 123rf)


The operation of each type of bidet has its particularities, but you should know that none of them will bring you great complications. One of the things they have in common is their functional simplicity, being very intuitive for the user. The only one that requires external power is the electric bidet that works with batteries. Once they are charged and installed, you only have to press the buttons to operate them (depending on the type of model).

The mechanical portable bidet only needs the action of the hand to create pressure on the bottle and the water can flow. Finally, the one that is adapted to the toilet has a very simple operation as well. It involves sitting on the toilet with the bidet in place and with water. You only have to put the cap on before using it, and remove it to discharge the water at the end. To finish, you must clean it so that it remains in optimal conditions of conservation and ready for its next use.


The installation process is one of the factors to consider for portable bidets. This is due to its own manufacturing origin that is based on its portability, that is, its ease of transport. This translates into a minimal and very simple installation.

There is no need for any type of work or specific knowledge, regardless of the type of portable bidet.

For the hand-held and electric bidet models, you only have to fill the bottles with water and you will be able to use them. In the case of electric bidets, you will also need to charge the battery, which usually lasts approximately one month. In addition, they are easy to store, as they can be stored as little as a month. take up space. On the other hand, the seat bidet (which attaches to the toilet during use), just fill it with water and place it in the toilet with the lid up (before you sit down). It usually also has a stopper for flushing once you’ve finished.


The importance of the size of the portable bidet has an influence both in the possibility of storing it discreetly and in the convenience of taking it with you for days of camping, hiking, traveling, etc.. The ideal ones for these situations are the electronic and mechanical ones, as they are usually very light and small. In short, thanks to their dimensions they are very easy to transport and can be taken anywhere.

The size of the portable bidet attached to the toilet can be more uncomfortable than the other two because it is somewhat larger.

However, we recommend its use in similar situations due to its specific features. This is a medium-sized, lightweight, plastic bidet. Also, they are bidets adaptable to any standard toilet regardless of its brand, which is very reassuring for the purchase action.



In conclusion, portable bidets are trending because of their effectiveness. They serve their purpose perfectly, and they also take better care of you than toilet paper. By buying this product you facilitate a discreet transport, you contribute to a more sustainable world, and above all, you invest in your hygiene and intimate health.

With these advantages, coupled with a very intuitive operation for everyone and at very affordable prices, you ensure a very complete and quality item for you and your family. Keep in mind especially the type of nozzle and capacity, and adjust to a specific type based on their mode of use.

(Featured Image Source: Bbtreesubmission: 141933815/ 123rf)