Have you heard of PlayStation Home? Launched in December 2008 on PlayStation 3, this community game was a phenomenon that left its mark on many gamers. Offered for free with every console, the game offered players the opportunity to meet in a virtual world (the metaverse). After seven years of good and loyal service, PS Home was stopped by Sony in April 2015.

Since then, many gamers have been eagerly awaiting a return of this online game that allowed you to do many activities with your friends online. Customize your avatar and your virtual apartment with collectible items that could be earned by completing games on PlayStation.

After several years of absence, Sony Interactive Entertainment could be preparing the great return of PlayStation Home on PS5.

PS Home on PlayStation 5?

PlayStation HomePlayStation Home

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Wouldn’t you like to meet up with your friends in a virtual place, where you can do a variety of activities, talk and have fun in the evening after a long day at work? Interacting face-to-face, meeting new players from all over the world. That was the challenge of PlayStation Home between 2008 and 2015. It may soon be the case on PS5.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has just renewed its trademark registration for PlayStation Home with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO

). The firm therefore owns the trademark until October 2028.

A collaboration between Sony and Epic Games?

In April, Sony contributed to the fundraising of Epic Games

. The Japanese firm paid a cool $200 million to encourage Epic Games to create connected social experiences based on the concept of “Metavers”.

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A month later, we learned through a confidential (but unofficial) document that Epic Games would in turn offer Sony $200 million for the porting of 4 to 6 exclusives straight from PlayStation Studios


Could a collaboration between Sony and Epic for a new version of PlayStation Home be possible?

PS Home on PS5: Any real interest in VR?

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Over the past few years, the metaverse has become increasingly popular in the video game world. This phenomenon is accentuated by games like Fortnite that specialize in real and virtual events


As a result, Sony would have a great interest in launching a new version of PlayStation Home. With the arrival of PlayStation VR2, it would be possible to dive into a virtual world and interact with our friends in VR (virtual reality). This could clearly revolutionize the world of video games.

Sony PS5Sony PS5