For DJs, there are two new Pioneer controllers in the DDJ-REV series: they are number 1 and number 7, diametrically opposed in terms of price, so one and the other are able to please amateurs and professionals alike. The DDJ-REV series is a line of DJ controllers with a control layout that emulates a professional setup consisting of a DJM-S mixer + PLX turntable, including features dedicated to open-format and scratch DJing.

For the first time ever in a Pioneer controller, the tempo sliders have been moved to the top of the deck sections and arranged horizontally to emulate PLX turntables in “battle” configuration. The Performance Pads, on the other hand, have been placed in the mixer section along with the Lever FX controls, exactly where they are on the DJM-S series mixers, to allow for energetic sound changes during performances.

Before proceeding to list the main features and price we would like to inform you that there is currently a limited time launch offer under which DJs will receive an exclusive code valid for 3 months of free TIDAL HiFi when they connect their DDJ-REV (1 or 7) to Serato DJ (Lite or Pro) for the first time.

Pioneer DDJ-REV 7

This 2-channel unit is built to work with Serato DJ Pro and features a new design that includes large motorized jog wheels with On Jog Display to create a tactile connection between the DJ and the music. It’s basically a portable setup that faithfully emulates analog turntables and a mixer, so it works well at parties and in clubs alike. Its “VINYLIZED” 7″ JOG wheels are motorized and respond well when scratching, and it offers the ability to experiment to find the desired level of torque and friction with customizable settings and the two slip sheets included inside each deck.

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The acrylic top has a finish that emulates a real analog record to the touch, with a spin mode that grips your fingers easily when touched. It also allows you to keep an eye on essential information such as waveforms, Hot Cues, and playback positions thanks to the 3.5″ On Jog Displays. You can also easily switch modes to customize the content displayed, and because the displays have omnidirectional viewing angles, you can see everything clearly from any direction you look at it.

To use the Pioneer DDJ-REV7 with Serato DJ Pro, you need to update to the latest version of the software and use the included voucher for the Pitch ‘n Time DJ Expansion Pack to unlock that feature. For those planning to purchase it: it costs 2,049 euros and is already on sale on the official website and in authorized stores.

Pioneer DDJ-REV 1

This, on the other hand, is a new 2-channel controller for Serato DJ Lite, with a new easy-to-use “battle” layout that lets you sound like a pro DJ. It offers plenty of room to try out mixing techniques with this layout of controls, and the scratch responds very well on the jog wheels, which are wider than the jogs on previous controllers at this level. It’s designed specifically for battle mixing and scratching (with the help of Tracking Scratch, a feature that automatically returns the track to the cue point when you move the jog wheel back or lift your hand, so you don’t have to use the crossfader or worry about returning the jog wheel back to the initial scratch point), but also for streaming your own sets.

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It also allows you to use the Performance Pads on the controller to instantly play your favorite samples or tracks that have been loaded into Serato DJ Lite’s Scratch Bank – previously only available with Serato DJ Pro – and, with Deck 3/4 Control, you can play sounds from all 4 decks in the software. When you want to stream sets to friends and followers on social media, you can easily incorporate speaking and singing parts if you connect a microphone to the controller. There is no need for an external sound card or mixer, as the audio comes directly to the laptop and into the stream.

Pioneer DDJ-REV 1 costs 299 euros and is already on sale on the official website and in authorized stores.