Many adults today are striving for a healthy body. One of the factors that can contribute to this, to a large extent, is good nutrition. However, the busy lives that we usually lead prevent us from spending time in the kitchen. That’s why it’s essential to get a food processor that saves us time and a lot of the work.

Philips is a technology company, which is dedicated to the electronics sector. It is a world-renowned brand, especially for the quality of its products. Their food processors come in different ranges and models, so it is important that you take into account several factors. However, their innovative technology will surprise you!

The most important thing

  • When buying a food processor, keep in mind that Philips offers a wide range of models. Among them you can find the one that best suits your kitchen.
  • Philips food processors can be used to make all kinds of preparations, resulting in all kinds of dishes to surprise your guests.
  • To buy the best Philips food processor, you must take into account aspects such as power, capacity and material.

The best Philips food processors: Our recommendations

Philips is a brand that is committed to variety in its products. Whatever your needs, there will always be a Philips food processor that’s perfect for you. Therefore, in this section we have compiled the best so you do not have to waste more time looking for what you need.

The best Philips multifunction food processor

If you’re looking for a food processor with which to prepare all kinds of recipes, the Viva Collection HR7630/00 is the best alternative. In our opinion, this model is similar to other high-end food processors, such as Thermomix. Its stainless steel blades and 850 watts of power make it ideal for easily processing all kinds of ingredients.

This appliance has a capacity of 2.1 litres and features Power Chop technology. Its accessories include a kneading blade, emulsifying disc, a beater, mini chopper and juicer. They are all dishwasher safe. And if that wasn’t enough, its wide food intake opening allows us to save even more time when we are going to cook.

The best compact Philips food processor

In doing our research, we haven’t forgotten about those with limited kitchen space. The Philips HR7510/10 compact model is ideal in these cases. Its small size doesn’t mean less capacity or functionality. The all-in-one food processor has 29 functions and can cook for up to 5 people.

At 3.21 kilograms, we think this Philips food processor is an essential in your kitchen. In our opinion, other robots, such as the one from Cecotec, weigh up to 7 kilograms and can be cumbersome if you don’t have enough space. Its compact design doesn’t prevent you from having a lot of accessories, as it comes with S-Blade blades, a juicer, a kneader and a reversible disc.

The best budget Philips food processor

For those who want a good quality food processor at a good price, we think the Philips HR7310/10 is the most economical option.

Despite its price, it is not just any food processor. It has 16 functions and can cook for up to 5 people. In addition, it has all the kitchen accessories you will need to make all kinds of preparations.

If it comes to highlight the factors of this model, without a doubt, you should know that its weight is only 998 grams. On the other hand, its power is quite high: 700 watts. Consequently, it is excellent for those people who want to save money and time.

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The best Philips food processor for your baby

Although it is not specifically a food processor, but rather a food processor, we could not leave this Philips food processor out of this selection. It’s especially useful if you have a newborn. Philips Avent SCF870/20 is ideal for cooking food for our baby, as it combines steamer and blender so you can cook foods such as vegetables, meat or fish.

Once cooked, you can turn the jug to grind these foods. It is also perfect for crushing fruit and making shakes or smoothies

. In addition, the product includes a recipe booklet and a measuring cup. If you want to make cooking easy and simple for your baby, you need the Philips Avent food processor!

Buying guide: What you need to know about Philips food processors

When buying a Philips food processor, it is important to consider what your personal needs really are. You may have been overwhelmed by the amount of information that exists about the different Philips models. That’s why we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions about Philips food processors.

Robot de cocina PhilipsRobot de cocina PhilipsA Philips multifunctional food processor allows you to prepare a lot of food in a short time and without a lot of effort. (Source: 089Photoshoootings: 1979272 / pixabay)

What types of Philips food processors are there?

Philips has a wide variety of models of food processors. The types can vary between those that cook complete dishes, those that serve to make other types of elaborations, such as desserts, and those that process food to make smoothies, sauces or soups.

There are different models, however, multifunctional robots, with all kinds of accessories, are the most successful in the market.

Among the types that we can find on the market are: multifunction robots, those with a compact design, food processors, those ideal for babies, those in the Viva collection and the Daily collection.


some of these types include more than one of the features of each type.

What are the advantages of Philips food processors? <

/h3> Philips food processors have great advantages over other food processors on the market. First, the brand is renowned for the quality of its products. Philips is a world-renowned company that offers good value for money. However, this can vary a lot depending on the functions they offer.

  • They have many functions and come with different accessories.
  • Philips cares about safety in its appliances. For example, some include a safety locking system. On the other hand, most of its accessories, especially the blades, can be placed in the dishwasher to avoid accidents.
  • The use of these appliances is simple and intuitive.
  • Maintenance and cleaning of the appliances is easy, convenient and safe.
  • The design of Philips food processors is elegant, so they decorate our kitchens. Some are also compact and do not take up much space.

What functions can Philips food processors have?

Buying a Philips food processor will allow us to perform different types of cooking, preparations and elaborations. In order to choose the right one, we must take into account our personal tastes and the recipes we want to prepare. Also, these robots can include from 15 to 30 functions, depending on the model.

  • Kitchen robots with cooking programs: Cooking, steaming, frying, stewing, baking or defrosting. Some have intelligent cooking functions. They detect the amount of food and its weight and automatically adjust the cooking time and temperature.
  • Simpler robots: Knead, poach, whip, whisk, confit, among others.
  • Food processing robots: Chopping, grating, shredding and more.
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Electrodomésticos Electrodomésticos Philips food processors can make your life much easier and safer. (Source: Wihtgod: 77803506 / 123rf)

What recipes can a Philips food processor prepare?

Many of the appliances available are food processors. That is, they do not cook, but they do have many of the functions mentioned above. If you want to make all kinds of recipes, it’s best to get one of the induction models. Some of the models include recipe books so that you can easily get the cooking of delicious dishes.

With induction food processors we can perform all types of cooking.

The induction function allows the robot’s bowl to heat up and retain heat, with much more efficient results. But some of them also include the possibility of steaming. This is possible with the steamer accessory. This makes it easier for you to

The glass, plastic and stainless steel will allow you to cook healthier recipes, with much less fat. For example, you can steam vegetables quickly and easily.

What is Power Chop technology in Philips food processors?

Many of the Philips food processors launched by Philips include a special technology called Power Chop. This add-on aspect refers to the way the blades of the appliances perform the chopping function, specifically. With superior chopping, this technology allows for shredding, grating and chopping the toughest foods in a shorter amount of time.

Power Chop in Philip’s food processors improves the preparation of purees or pie doughs.

Philips Power Chop technology relies on the shape of the blades and the angle of the cuts, as well as the inner shape of the bowl. All this ensures a much more efficient and faster work, both for cutting soft, hard and very hard foods. This is another aspect to reduce our time in the kitchen.

What are the alternatives to the Philips food processor?

Philips food processors compete with products from other brands, as they perform more or less the same functions. The ones you’ve probably heard the most about are:

Thermomix CECOTEC Mambo Newcook Lidl Kenwood
A very practical robot for those who don’t know how to cook or don’t have much time to do it. Cooking robot with 23 functions. Programmable cooker. Food processor and food processor.
Performs the whole process following the instructions. Its functions reproduce all cooking techniques. You put the ingredients in the cooker and select the time you want to eat. Prepares recipes for up to 6 people.
High range Medium range Low range Medium range

Buying criteria

If you are thinking of making your meal making process more efficient with a Philips food processor, it is important that you know all its aspects. Here’s a list of criteria to consider. Below we look at the most important features of these appliances.


The external appearance of our Philips food processor, and its accessories, will be an essential factor to

take into account. First of all

, it is important that the manufacturing material allows our appliance to have a long life in our kitchen

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The most recommended materials are glass, quality plastic and stainless steel.

It is important to avoid BPA, i.e. bisphenol, a substance used to make plastics. As for the accessories of our food processor, Philips ensures that they are made of stainless steel so you can put them in the dishwasher and save even more time.


The Philips food processor has a main container to put the food in. In this regard, each food processor has a certain capacity. Choose the capacity, depending on the number of people you are going to cook for. It is essential to think about the number of people

The Philips food processors have different levels of capacity in the main food tank.

Philips food processors have different capacity levels in the main food container.

Here is a table with the different capacity levels and their portions.

Litres Portions
1,5-2 l. 5 servings
More than 3 l. 6-8 servings.
5 l. 10 portions.


The size of the food processor needs to be taken into consideration. It is important to note that for Philips, size and capacity are completely different factors, as a large capacity bowl can be in a compact appliance as well as a larger one.

If we want an appliance that takes up little space in our kitchen, Philips has several compact models. These will be ideal for those who do not have a large kitchen, but also want to improve their culinary quality. Don’t forget that a small size, with compact design, does not mean less capacity, functions or number of accessories.

Procesador de alimentosProcesador de alimentosThe use of these appliances is simple and intuitive. (Source: Voffka23: 121163170 / 123rf)


We must remember that Philips food processors are multifunctional. That is, with most of them we can cook all kinds of food, so the power of our device will determine the efficiency when it comes to elaborations.

If your Philips food processor is programmable, it usually requires more power.

The blades of Philips food processors are quite powerful, regardless of the hardness or difficulty of the food. However, we can choose between different wattages of power: between 400-2000. Depending on which functions the model we want has, we will have to consider which power is ideal for us.


Philips food processors come with various accessories so you can prepare different types of dishes, cooking and cooking. Here are the main accessories and some of their functions.

Accessory Details
Kitchen accessories. Different accessories to make all kinds of preparations: whipping egg whites, chopping in different ways, beating, blending, kneading, etc..
Blades Stainless steel S-Blade.
Grinder Used for chopping grains.
Dessert accessories. For example, whisk blades, theThe mixer, the kneading hook or the accessory with three discs for grating, chopping and mincing.
Steamer Ideal for healthier cooking.


Philips is, and will continue to be, one of the biggest names in quality household appliances. Time is money! So if you want to enjoy all kinds of dishes, and make them quickly and easily, you definitely need a food processor.

Philips food processors, with their sleek and compact designs, are ideal for healthy, quick and easy cooking. If this article has helped you find your Philips food processor, leave us a comment or share the guide on your social networks!

(Featured image source: Miyuki3: 54406347 / 123rf)