The Pegasus scandal has been going on for over a week now. As a reminder, a group of journalists belonging to 17 reputable media outlets have been investigating this software, marketed by the Israeli company NSO Group to states and government agencies. According to their revelations, this technology is not limited to the surveillance of potential criminals or terrorists.

NSO continues to deny this

A list of 50,000 spied phone numbers was indeed revealed and among them many journalists, NGO leaders, or political figures. In France, the names of Emmanuel Macron and his former prime minister have been mentioned.

Logically enough, this affair has caused a strong reaction and it is in this context that the Israeli Minister of Defense, Benny Gantz is expected in Paris today. According to Paris Match, he is to meet with Florence Parly, the Minister of the Army, to ” keep the French authorities informed ” on the latest developments in this unusual case, especially with regard to the Israeli company NSO.

In the wake of the revelations, the Knesset has initiated a commission of inquiry to verify the allegations concerning the Pegasus spying software which was used ” for bad purposes ” by certain states to spy on personalities, in the words of a senior Israeli official. If Benny Gantz is in the front line, it is also because Pegasus had to first obtain the green light from the Military Export Control Agency, which depends on the Ministry of Defence, before being sold to third countries.

For its part, the NSO company continues to reject this information outright. The company explains that it ‘ firmly denies the false claims ‘ which are based on ‘ erroneous hypotheses ‘ and ‘ unsubstantiated theories ‘. It swears that its technology is only used to “retrieve data from the mobile devices of this or that alleged high-profile criminal.”

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This version does not convince the NGO, Amnesty International, very involved in this issue. The latter is also calling for a moratorium on these cyber-surveillance tools before firmer regulation of these devices is adopted at the global level. If you are interested in this subject, you can read our article on this regulation.

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