Hikers might find some benefit in using the PeakVisor app: after installing it, you only need to frame the landscape with the device’s camera to be able to see the names and elevation of the surrounding peaks superimposed on the scene visible on the screen with the help of Augmented Reality technologies.

In essence, this is an excellent tool for identifying mountains and therefore facilitates orientation in the open air. At the moment the app already recognizes more than a million mountains and hills around the world and for each one it elaborates a detailed profile that includes the altitude, the topographic relief, the mountain range to which it belongs and which parks or reserves it might belong to, together with photos and other articles acquired from Wikipedia.


The app includes 3D topographic maps with high-precision terrain modeling that can be used to explore mountain areas and their trails, peaks, passes and viewpoints, including parking areas, from a single app. This makes it easy to create an itinerary that includes an assessment of the distance to be covered, the elevation profile of a route and the estimated time to complete it.

At the same time, it can also be used to keep track of one’s outdoor adventures by displaying elevation gain and walking distance statistics, as well as being able to check the route at any time via the 3D features of the maps and AR image overlay. The app can also import and export files in GPX format, which can then be used with other smartphones, tablets and GPS devices.

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PeakVisor is also useful for any kind of winter sports in the mountains: the 3D topographic maps allow an easy understanding of the terrain and provide detailed information about ski lifts, ski slopes and cross-country skiing opportunities. As far as privacy is concerned, the app collects location, identification and diagnosis data.

PeakVisor is developed by Routes Software SRL, is localized also in Italian language and available free of charge on the App Store as universal version for iPhone and iPad. The currently available version is 3.74 and requires about 250 MB space and at least iOS and iPadOS version 11.0 to be installed. By purchasing the Premium package at a monthly price of 3.99 euros or 25.49 euros per year you can use the app without any limitations.