On the night of 26 to 27 July 2021 the Parliament validated the extension of the Health Pass. But how does this Health Pass work? How to get it? How to use it on a smartphone? Does it present risks for personal data? We answer all your questions.

What is the Health Pass?

The Health Pass is a European scheme to combat the spread of the Covid-19 virus. It allows travel abroad and access to places open to the public under certain conditions.

It allows professionals in charge of these places to check that the public entering is either vaccinated or tested negative to Covid-19. In short, the Health Pass is one of the tools that allow people to return to a more “normal” life by limiting the health risks linked to Covid-19 as much as possible.

Where and when should the Health Pass be presented?

The presentation of the Health Pass is already required to access certain places. Since July 21, 2021, a valid Health Pass is mandatory to enter leisure and cultural venues gathering more than 50 people, except for 12-17 year olds exempted until September 30.

From August 2021, it will be compulsory to present the Health Pass to enter cafes, restaurants, fairs and trade shows as well as transport (planes, trains, long-distance buses) and medical establishments (except for emergencies).

What are the risks for professionals who do not ask for the Health Pass?

Establishments that do not carry out checks risk heavy fines and legal proceedings.

A transport manager is liable to a fine of 1500 euros if he does not check passengers. If they are fined more than three times in 30 days, they risk a year’s imprisonment and a fine of 9,000 euros.

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For places open to the public, managers will be given formal notice by the administrative authority and then the place may be closed for a maximum of 7 days. In the event of three offences over a period of 45 days, the manager will also be liable to one year’s imprisonment and a fine of 9,000 euros.

Shopping centres are the places that have been the most debated. The parliamentarians therefore decided to let the police prefects decide whether or not a Health Pass is required to enter shopping centres.

Which professions require a Health Pass?

All employees in places where a Health Pass is required must have a valid Health Pass from 30 August 2021.

As of September 15, 2021, personnel in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, firefighters, certain military personnel, as well as professionals and volunteers working with the elderly, must be vaccinated (unless there is a medical contraindication) or present a negative test after the first injection. In case of refusal, these professionals will be forbidden to practice with suspension of salary.

How to obtain the Health Pass?

The Health Pass is in the form of a QR Code available either on a paper document,<a href=”https://www.presse-citron.net/tousanticovid-carnet-qr-code-all-knowing-new-health-pass/” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”> or in the application TousAntiCovid. To obtain a valid Health Pass, it is necessary to have completed the entire vaccination process (+7 days after the dose(s) depending on the vaccine inoculated) or to have performed a PCR or antigen test valid for 48 hours.

After each vaccination or test, health professionals issue a paper document with a QR Code. This document is the Health Pass. Each QR Code can be added to your smartphone to facilitate the controls.

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How to use the Health Pass on your smartphone?

To use the Health Pass on your smartphone, there are two solutions. Either you photograph your QR Code(s). This solution is not recommended for two reasons. Firstly, it is difficult to distinguish the correct QR Code in the photo gallery. Secondly, this process presents real problems of confidentiality and data security.

The other solution is to use the TousAntiCovid application. On the documents given by the health professionals, you just have to scan the QR Code at the bottom left to integrate it into the TousAntiCovid application. The QR Codes corresponding to your vaccination or tests will be grouped together in your booklet.

How to install the Health Pass on the iPhone Wallet application?

iPhone users can also choose to integrate their Health Pass into the Wallet application. This application is more practical, as it groups together payment cards, loyalty cards and certain transport tickets. The problem is that the TousAntiCovid application does not have a direct gateway to integrate the Health Pass into Wallet.

There is a very simple procedure to fill this gap. First, you will need to take a picture or capture your QR Code (pictures that you will delete once the process is complete). Then, go to the Covidpass website and follow the instructions. You will be asked to import your QR Code photo, choose a color for your Wallet card and you’re done.

Does the Health Pass pose risks to personal data?

This is the subject that worries many French people: does the TousAntiCovid application recover users’ data? The State assures that it does not. The CNIL has validated the implementation of the application, which guarantees the security of personal data. However, it has expressed reservations about such a system, considering that it should remain exceptional and should not open the door to a generalization of this kind of application.

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And the controls? Here again, there is no reason to worry. The professionals who will control the Health Pass will have very basic information: your name, first name and the validity of the Health Pass. The application of control AllAntiCovid Verification does not give more details: it does not indicate whether you are vaccinated, whether you have performed a PCR or antigen test.