The Parlux brand, with more than 40 years of history, has achieved that their hairdryers are considered one of the best on the market for both professional and personal use. Their appliances are designed to meet the most demanding needs in drying and hair styles.

They are built with top quality materials and, although they are based on a traditional design, they have been modernized to reduce weight and size. This makes them lighter and more manageable to work with. Throughout this article, we’re going to delve a little deeper into the benefits of owning a Parlux hairdryer. Let’s get started!

The most important thing

  • The great power they have and the high durability of their motors are some of the great qualities that set Parlux dryers apart from other brands.
  • Parlux hairdryers are of the professional type, so they are considered the best option for those people who make regular use of this utensil.
  • There are different models of Parlux dryers so you can choose the one that best suits your needs, either with ionic or ceramic technology or with frizz control and static.

The best Parlux hairdryers on the market: Our recommendations

Today, Parlux is considered one of the best-positioned brands in the hairdressing industry. It manufactures hairdryers with an elegant, creative and sophisticated design for home or professional purposes. Below, we will share with you a list of the best Parlux hairdryer options on the market, take a look and choose yours!

The best Parlux hair dryer with the best value for money

This Parlux Hair Dryer 3200 is built with your needs in mind. It has a power of 1900 W, plus 2 speeds and 4 adjustable temperature settings. It also has a sturdy 3m long cord and an ergonomic handle for better balance and handling.

Thanks to the combination of its associated power and high suction power, this hairdryer guarantees greater silence and fast drying of the hair. All this makes it a very light and compact hairdryer.

The best Parlux hair dryer with ionic technology

The Parlux Advance Light hair dryer has a strong and durable K-Advance motor and a power of 2200 W. It also has 4 levels of ionic technology. It also has 4 adjustable temperature settings and 3m of sturdy cord. It has a built-in silencer, which makes it very quiet, and is compact, weighing 456 grams.

Thanks to the ion technology it incorporates, distributed over the ceramic components, it ensures a shorter drying time and less static charge, which translates into greater care and shine with less drying time.

The best and most compact Parlux hairdryer

The Parlux dryer model 3500 Super Compact is a professional dryer with a very compact size. Despite its small size, it has 2000 W of power, which allows you to achieve better drying results. It has a weight of 470 gr, which makes it the lightest in its range.


This hair dryer will help us to take care of our hair and keep it free of static electricity thanks to its innovative Ionic & Ceramic device. In addition to this, it offers us the cold air button, in order to finish the drying with a cuticle sealing and shine contribution.

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The best Parlux hair dryer with more power

This Parlux Superturbo HP hair dryer with 2400 W is the most powerful that the brand has. Among its features, it has 4 temperatures and 2 speeds, in addition to 3 m of cable. It is a very powerful and compact hairdryer with a weight of 600 gr.

It is ideal for long and thick hair, but especially for thick hair. For other types of hair, such as fine hair, it is better to use another Parlux model with less drying power.

Buying guide: What you need to know about Parlux hair dryers

Choosing a Parlux hair dryer is one of the best options among the wide range of hair dryers on the market. Having seen the best hairdryers from this great Italian brand, we will now go on to answer some of the most common questions that tend to appear among those interested in this Parlux item. Let’s get started!

Mujer secándose el cabello Mujer secándose el cabello Parlux hairdryers are for professional use. (Source: Adam Winger: FkAZqQJTbXM / unsplash)

Why buy a Parlux hair dryer?

Parlux is a leading Italian brand in the manufacture of hair tools and utensils, but it excels, above all, in the manufacture of hair dryers.

In its range of products, you can find a large number of hair dryers with different features, colours and shapes.

These dryers offer very advanced functions with which you will be able to perform high quality professional jobs. One of the strong points of the brand is the durability of its hairdryers compared to competing models. This is due to the good quality of their materials, which make them last much longer.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Parlux dryer?

We have already seen that Parlux is a great brand that has hairdryers made with good materials. In turn, they guarantee excellent results, although there are certain negative aspects that you also have to take into account. So that you can make your own assessment, take a look at the following table comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the Parlux hairdryer:


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Most are very powerful
  • Usually with integrated silencers
  • Some models have Ceramic-Ionic technology to care for your hair
  • Long cord ideal for professionals
  • Different temperature and heat settings speeds
  • Removable filter for easy cleaning and extended durability
  • Variety of colors


  • If they do not have a silencer, they can be somewhat noisy due to their power.
  • The cable, being so long, can be a drawback in domestic use.
  • They are not generic, you have to choose the one that best suits your hair type.

What is the ion technology of the Parlux hairdryer?

Parlux has advanced ion technology. Ions are particles charged with electricity due to the gain or loss of electricity in the hair. Like magnets, equal charges repel, but opposite charges attract. This logic, when applied to blow-drying, means that once we comb our hair, all hair is charged with the same charge, which generates so-called static electricity.

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Parlux’s ion technology means that the dryer generates ions with the opposite charge to that of the hair, thus achieving an anti-frizz effect. They also incorporate ceramic technology that adds shine and keeps hair healthy.

Who is the Parlux dryer recommended for?

Parlux hair dryers are recommended for all types of hair, as long as you choose the right model according to its power. They are also recommended for professional use thanks to their compact and lightweight size and, in turn, due to the length of the cable that makes it more versatile when it comes to work. But this does not mean that we can not count on it in a domestic environment.

It is recommended for all those people who want to show off their hair beautifully and neatly, and do not want to spend a lot of time drying it. These powerful dryers will give you extra help with professional technology to make it easier for you to dry and style your hair. Plus, they come in a variety of colors, allowing you to customize it even more to your tastes.

Sala de bellezaSala de bellezaIon technology adds shine to your hair. (Source: Adam Winger: WXmHwPcFamo / unsplash)

What are the alternatives to Parlux hairdryers?

It’s true that there is a wide variety of hair dryer brands on the market today. In this article, we focus on Parlux, but you should keep in mind that there are alternative brands such as GHD, which is much more prestigious for its professional quality. This is by no means to say that Parlux quality is worse than GHD, although it is a very strong competitor with wide recognition.

Depending on whether you prefer their technology, design, colours, airflow or price, GHD and Parlux will make you hesitate when choosing a hairdryer for your hair.

abello. Choosing one brand or another is very personal and will depend on the needs of your hair.

Buying criteria

We’ve already looked at the most important questions you may have when buying a Parlux hairdryer. Now we’ll highlight the most important buying criteria you should consider before choosing your Parlux hair dryer model. These factors are what differentiate the different models of the brand, so we’re sure they’ll be very useful in narrowing down your options of interest.


Power is one of the strong points of this brand, as a good result depends on it when it comes to drying your hair. Parlux has different powers to choose from depending on the type of hair, ranging from 1700 W up to 2400 W.

For fine hair, medium wattages are recommended, but if your hair is thicker and unruly, you can use the maximum wattage, thus guaranteeing a good finish. The more power our hairdryer has, the higher the temperature and speed at which it can be used.

Size and weight

Both criteria are very important when buying a hairdryer, as sometimes we are going to spend a long time with the hairdryer in our hands and, in the long run, carrying it could be uncomfortable, even more so if it is for professional use.

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Parlux has small, compact and lightweight designs, allowing you to carry them around without taking up much space. Some models weigh 450 grams, while others can weigh a little more, around 600 grams at the most.

Secadora de peloSecadora de peloParlux hairdryers are compact and lightweight. (Source: Rodnae: 7755518 / pexels)


We must take this factor into account, as the higher the temperature, the higher the risk of damage to the hair. Also, depending on the type of hair (wet, dry, fine, thick), it is recommended to use one temperature or another.

Parlux has different temperature levels to ensure the right heat intensity depending on the type of hair or the use we are going to give. They have between a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 adjustable temperature levels.

Noise level

In general, the noise level of hairdryers tends to be somewhat annoying, which has even led many people to avoid using them simply for this reason. This is due to the ventilation system that this type of appliance has.

With Parlux, this will no longer be a problem, as they include a silencer that has managed to reduce the typical noise that dryers normally emit. In this sense, Parlux hairdryers are the quietest models on the market compared to other brands.

Go to As for one of the extra benefits that can give us a correct choice of dryer, is the cool button function. This allows us to give a blast of cold air in order to seal the cuticle and provide extra shine to the hair.

Another convenient feature to have in your hairdryer is a removable filter so that you can clean it better. This type of filter helps to extend the life of the dryer, as it prevents dirt and hairs from getting into the motor. Finally, a Parlux dryer can incorporate an air concentrator. This allows you to direct the airflow towards the area of the hair you are treating or styling.


Whether you’re a professional or not, you’re just looking to dry and style your hair quickly and professionally while giving it shine and care. A Parlux hair dryer is the best choice for this purpose.

We must take into account what type of hair we have, as it is not the same to dry and tame frizzy, thick and wavy hair from the roots, as it is to dry and tame fine and fragile hair. In one case, we can opt for dryers with a lot of power and a large amount of air and, in the other, we should use a dryer with less power and even with a cool button.

We hope we have been of help in choosing your Parlux dryer and, if so, we want you to share us through your social networks.

(Featured image source: John Diez: 7388971/ pexels)