OPPO has unveiled at the What’s Next for Flash Charging event its new features related to battery security, announcing the next step in fast charging and the development of its Flash Charge solution.

Charging and security are the watchwords of the new updates presented by the brand, which introduces a five-level security protection system, resulting from the analysis of new materials, AI algorithms, charging architectures and other factors that can be used to provide further innovations.

OPPO is thus offering innovations in battery speed and battery life, in an effort to strike a better balance. During the event, OPPO unveiled its new smart charging technology designed to keep charging speed within the safest possible range and adjust current based on different charging scenarios.

In addition to making VOOC Flash Charge as safe and intelligent as possible, OPPO also explored ways to optimize the fast charging technology in the most extreme situations. For example, it can be difficult to charge a lithium-ion battery in very cold environments, where forcing the battery to charge can even cause a short circuit. OPPO’s charging solution uses intelligent algorithms to determine the optimal charging temperature of the battery and increase the temperature before charging begins. Test results show that the battery can raise the temperature from -20℃ to 10℃ in a few tens of seconds, allowing the battery to be charged normally.

OPPO presenta la nuova ricarica flash più veloce e smartOPPO presenta la nuova ricarica flash più veloce e smart

At the end of June 2021, it is found that OPPO has employed over 3,000 patents related to fast charging technology and through over 30 devices supporting VOOC Flash Charge technology, has brought this fast, convenient and safe charging experience to more than 195 million people worldwide.

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In the era of the Internet of Experience, OPPO’s Flash Charge technology thus evolves to bring users a next-generation charging experience designed to work in any situation, allowing people to charge whatever they want.iasi device, anytime, anywhere.

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