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When it comes to ultra-fast charging, the thought immediately runs to the Chinese company, which has invested so much in this type of technology (even before others). The new OPPO Flash Charge Open Day event has unveiled some new features related to the safety of its batteries, a sign that the company is not only aiming at mere power, but also at improving the capabilities of its current solutions.

OPPO Flash Charge Open Day: all about the new event dedicated to VOOC charging improvements

oppo super voocoppo super vooc

Those expecting the announcement of the first commercial smartphone with 125W Super Flash Charge technology (announced last July, <a href=”https://gizchina.it/2020/07/oppo-super-flash-charge-125w-official-quick-reload-features/” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”>here you willfind the details) will be disappointed. The same goes for those who aimed to have some details about an even more powerful solution, able to compete with Xiaomi. In fact, remember that the rival has reached 200W (with Hyper Charge technology) and it would not be unrealistic to imagine a similar solution from OPPO. Nevertheless, the OPPO Flash Charge Open Day event didn’t bring any news in this sense, but many improvements and optimizations for the VOOC charging technology.

Safe charging: new updates and innovations

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OPPO has always put efficiency and safety at the forefront of Flash Charge technology development. For this, the company has introduced a five-level security protection system and analyzed how new materials, AI algorithms, charging architectures and other factors, can be used to provide further innovations. Here are all the innovations implemented by the company to improve its fast charging technology.

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oppo evento ricarica voocoppo evento ricarica vooc

  • Lower impedance fuse: the fuse contained in the five-level Flash Charge safety protection system is able to protect the battery and physically isolate it from the power supply, in case of current overload or other anomalies. The miThe fuse has a lower internal resistance and offers better performance, further enhancing the safety level of the charging system.
  • Gallium Nitride (GaN) Switches: for the first time, OPPO has used GaN switches on its smartphones. These switches are not only able to achieve the same functionality as traditional silicon MOSFET switches on a smaller area, thus reducing the space needed, but their low impedance and high voltage operation help reduce heat generation, improving charging efficiency and reliability.
  • Dual-cell battery design: the dual-cell battery design takes a step forward and allows the same power to be delivered while reducing electrical current and heat generation, taking up less space and providing the same safety performance. The new design therefore allows an increase of at least 5% in battery capacity for the same size.
  • Battery Safety Detection Chip: OPPO’s proprietary battery safety detection chip with built-in AI algorithms can detect whether batteries have suffered external damage by recognizing voltage drops in real time based on a range of scenarios and act accordingly. If the voltage drop is believed to have been caused by battery damage, the smartphone will alert the user and initiate additional safety measures to prevent further danger.
  • Composite Current Collector: OPPO has developed a composite-structure safety battery with a brand new current collector. The battery uses a new material sandwiched between two layers of aluminum that replaces the typical design found in other batteries. This sandwich structure is further coated with an additional protective material to form the five-layer structure of the current collector. This improves the safety of the battery by protecting it from short circuits caused by external damage. Tests conducted in the OPPO lab show that, without compromising performance, the new battery passes puncture and collision tests with a 100% success rate.
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Intelligent Charging: Optimizing Speed and Battery Life

oppo evento ricarica voocoppo evento ricarica vooc

During the event, OPPO unveiled its new in-car charging technology.

telligent designed to keep the charging rate within the safest possible range and adjust the current according to different charging scenarios. This helps reduce the occurrence of unusual battery decay and allows users to enjoy optimal charge life for a longer period of time. Smart charging technology provides the battery with significant performance improvements, including:

  • Improved battery life: while providing 65W SuperVOOC speed and full charge/discharge of the battery, the technology is able to maintain 80% of its original capacity after as many as 1,500 charge cycles.
  • Enhanced charging speed in specific scenarios: the charging speed can be increased according to specific situations and the maximum instantaneous power the battery can absorb at a given time. The 65W SuperVOOC is able to increase the speed by about 20%, allowing you to fully charge a 4500mAh battery in 30 minutes.
  • Balancing charging speed and phone temperature: the technology is able to intelligently find the best balance between optimal charging current and subsequent temperature rise in different usage scenarios. This way, users are able to use their smartphone without any discomfort during Flash Charging.

Charging in extreme conditions, even in the coldest temperaturesThe

Chinese company has also explored ways to optimize fast charging technology in the most extreme situations. For example, it can be difficult to charge a lithium-ion battery in very cold environments, where forcing the battery to charge can even cause a short circuit. OPPO’s ultra-low temperature charging solution uses intelligent algorithms to determine the optimal charging temperature of the battery and increase the temperature before charging begins. Test results show that the battery is able to raise the temperature from -20℃ to 10℃ in just a few tens of seconds, allowing the battery to be charged normally.

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In spite of all this news, OPPO hasn’t announced any details about the first smartphone with 125W charging: certainly the company has taken some time to perfect its ultra-fast charging but still previous reports saw 2021 as the perfect time to launch this novelty (applies to OPPO but also to Realme and OnePlus

). Will this really be the case? Fingers crossed! ⭐️ Follow and support GizChina on Google News: click on the star to bookmark us.