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, OnePlus 9RT must already face a policy of updates that may cause discussion. In fact, according to what has been stated by the service of the brand, it is not clear whether the Major Updates (those of Android versions, to be clear) will be only two or there will also be a third.

OnePlus 9RT, support gives two different answers for updates: which one is the right one?

The question was raised when a leaker, Abhishek Yadav

, stated that, according to his sources, OnePlus 9RT will only receive 2 Major Updates and 3 years of security patch updates. However, this has mobilized several users who have directly asked OnePlus’ support, which however is divided in the answers given from user to user.

In fact, one user was confirmed

that the OnePlus 9 series will receive 3 Major Updates and 4 years of security updates and this would also apply to 9RT. However, there is also the response to another user that reveals that will be this smartphone will only receive Android 12 and 13, with 3 years of security patches. In short, the whole thing is quite nebulous and does not bring us clarity.

Clearly, this can be important for us European users as well, in case OnePlus decides to bring 9RT to our market as well. Would it then be worth waiting for it in case the update policy is in the 2+3 form? Of course, everything would also depend on price and performance.

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