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For the past few years, OnePlus has been showing off its creative processes to the public from time to time, as the various OnePlus 6 prototypes were revealed. This was also repeated with the launch of the Nord series, the design of which could have been quite different from the one later made official. The fact of the matter is that in the design phase, a smartphone takes several forms but only one is taken as a template for the final design. For instance, OnePlus 7 carried forward the vertical camera concept introduced by the 6 series. But you may not know that the company had also envisioned a horizontal look that, in hindsight, would have been years ahead of what we saw with the Google




Does the Google Pixel 6 look “weird” to you? Look at how it could have been OnePlus 7In

contrast to what happened in the past, this time to tell us about what could have been is not OnePlus, but one of its designers on the Asian social Weibo. The whole thing is accompanied by a rather explanatory image, in which we see a OnePlus 7 completely different from how it was later marketed. The rear body is characterized by a metal band that emerges from the body horizontally and within which we find the camera module. Note, then, that unlike OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro, this prototype includes four cameras, one more than the smartphone then made official.

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As it appears in photos, the solution adopted on this OnePlus 7 prototype is less refined than that of the Google Pixel 6. The fact that the bar has a metallic finish and that the photo section is entirely black creates a rather pronounced visual contrast. But you know, a prototype is never completely 100% final, unlike the upcoming Pixel 6 on which the company has concretely worked in this regard. But apart from that, what do you think: would you have liked a OnePlus 7 with these features? Or in hindsight do you prefer the direction OnePlus later took?

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