Would you be willing to give up your mobile phone for at least a day to take a break and disconnect? This question was put to the French in a survey conducted by the company Recommerce that BFM TV was able to consult.

The results show that many of them feel unable to cut ties with their smartphones. Thus, 21% of respondents could not even stop using it for 24 hours, while 24% recognize that they would feel a certain lack by depriving themselves of the device.

Starving yourself to keep your smartphone? Some say yes

Overall, the trend is even more pronounced among younger users, with 40% of under-18s and 30% of millennials saying they would find it difficult to part with their mobile phone, even for a very short time. The situation is different for older people. In fact, 43% of 35-54 year olds and 65% of those over 55 years old think they are able to let go of their smartphones without suffering too much.

According to our colleagues, the addiction is so marked in some French that 38% of those surveyed would rather abstain from talking all day than give up their device. In the same way, 20 % could… deprive themselves of food, and 13 % would accept to spend 24 hours with their worst enemy not to have to give up their phone.

The results of this survey are not as surprising as they might seem. Last June, we reported on a study conducted by the American company Qualitrics among 3000 people. It highlighted the difficult separation between work and private life and 62% of respondents said they frequently use their smartphone for work outside the office.

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This leads to bad habits and 60% of respondents said that they regularly check their work emails, or move a task forward to “save” time. This lack of a break can later lead to burn-out or suffering at work.