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Even if summer invites you to spend your evenings outdoors with friends, sometimes it may happen that with the complicity of a particularly stressful working night you just want to sit on the couch and watch a movie with your family or with some close friends. In that case, if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, consider the possibility of renting a movie on Prime Video, especially because many titles are available for just €0.99 and €1.99.

You only need to access this page to quickly realize what the platform offers: there are dozens of titles to choose from, with recent titles such as Blood Shot (starring Vin Diesel), Black Water Abyss, Undine, I Wanted to Hide, Breaking Surface, The World to Come, the Bob Dylan musical, The Macaluso Sisters, The 2nd, The Hero of Two Worlds, The Kelly Gang and A Couch in Tunis and, among the highlights of the last five years, films such as Dinner with Murder, The First Night of Judgment, Baby Driver, Peter Rabbit, Spiderman Homecoming and Venom.

Or you can dust off some good old movies like Terminator, Inferno, Angels and Demons, Jumanji, Fury, Twilight or some must-see movies like Scary Movie or Saw, for horror lovers. There’s also a few movies that younger kids might enjoy, like Hotel Transylvania and Emoji.

noleggio prime videonoleggio prime video

Once you’ve found the movie you’re interested in renting, all you have to do is click on the cover and then the “Rent” button. The movie will then go in the section called “My Video Collection” and will be available for downloading and streaming for 30 days from the date of rental or 48 hours if you don’t want to watch it.Click on the “Play” button on the title you have rented (in some cases some titles have longer viewing periods). If you haven’t played the movie yet, you can also reconsider and request a full refund within 14 days of purchase.

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Prime Video, we remind you, is available to all customers with an Amazon Prime subscription, whether they’re paying for it or taking advantage of the initial free trial period. The section of buying and renting movies, on the other hand, is accessible to everyone, even those who do not have a Prime subscription activated: you simply need to have an Amazon account. The price of rentals ranges from €1.90 to €4.99 and, as we said, this page collects all the cheapest ones, which cost €0.99 and €1.99.

noleggio prime videonoleggio prime video

Subscribing to Amazon Prime in any case can still make sense because some of the movies on sale or rentable are available with the option “Watch with Prime”, so no additional costs.

Finally, remember that with Prime Video there are also “Channels”, which allow you to access selections of movies and TV series from other platforms, such as Infinity, simply by subscribing to additional monthly subscriptions. Find more information in this article.