With online threats on the rise, many Internet users rely on VPNs to secure their connections. And when you’re looking for a good VPN on the web, ExpressVPN is a name that comes up regularly.

Moreover, today, if you buy some Nokia models, marketed by the company HMD, you will have the opportunity to test ExpressVPN services for free. Indeed, in a blog post, HMD has just announced a new partnership with this company and the arrival of ExpressVPN on its new smartphones of the G series and the X series.

30 days of free VPN for users of upcoming Nokia smartphones

Specifically, owners of the eligible smartphones will be able to enjoy a 30-day trial offer on ExpressVPN. “Starting with the newly announced Nokia XR20, all future Nokia G and X series smartphone portfolios will be eligible for ExpressVPN, the company says.

“Many people may not realize how exposed their Internet activity can be, putting their privacy and security at risk,” says Harold Li, vice president of ExpressVPN. “Mobile operators and ISPs can see and record the sites you visit, the apps you use and other details about what you do online. On shared networks, there’s also a risk that hackers or prying eyes can access your unencrypted data. We’re excited that Nokia phones are using ExpressVPN to provide out-of-the-box protection that allows customers to take back control of their online privacy by putting the power in their hands and, in this case, their handsets.”

The offering is available in a handful of countries including the United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, Poland, France, Finland, the Netherlands, the United States, Australia, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, the Czech Republic, Belgium and the United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Switzerland, Greece, Portugal, Hong Kong, Spain, Austria, Ireland, Sweden, Costa Rica, Denmark, New Zealand, Malaysia, Kuwait, Israel, Norway, Qatar, Estonia, Canada, Singapore and Japan.

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Nokia’s association with a VPN specialist is reminiscent of a recent initiative by Apple, which, with its iCloud+ offering, offers a feature called Private Relay that redirects internet traffic to relays to hide browsing history.

Nokia XR20: the real successor of the Nokia 3310?

HMD has also just presented a series of new products, including the Nokia XR20. In fact, it’s a tougher version of the Nokia X20, which the company unveiled earlier this yearborn.

And while the company’s previous models were already very rugged, with the XR20, this one takes it to the next level. “Extreme temperatures, 1.8m drops, 1 hour underwater and more, the new Nokia XR20 is designed for much harsher conditions than the hustle and bustle of everyday life,” says Nokia.