Yes, you read that right, Nokia 6310. So now there are three possibilities: you may know that HDM has been redesigning and releasing updated versions of some of the brand’s classics for some time now, in which case you may find this news curious and are curious to know what it offers, you may not know about this technological campaign and, consequently, you may be a bit surprised, or for whatever reason you have spent 20 years sleeping, in which case when you see its specifications you may think that Nokia continues to prove that it is the undisputed market leader and that this will always be the case.

In any case, with the clarifications in the previous paragraph I have already made it clear that we are in 2021, that Nokia is living a second age and that HMD Global, which currently commercially exploits the prestigious brand, puts on the market from time to time updated revisions of some iconic models of its first age. We’ve seen it before with several models, such as the Nokia 8110, the more than iconic Nokia 3310 or the Nokia 6300 and the 8000 series. And now it’s finally the Nokia 6310’s turn.

Without being part of most rankings of the most remembered phones of the Finnish company, there is no doubt that the Nokia 6310 was an important step in several aspects. For example, it was the first phone of the company with Bluetooth connectivity, besides being part of the pioneers in something that today we find the most common: connectivity with cars, as it was possible to connect it to the Mercedes-Benz S-Class to use the phone function from the controls of the car.

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HMD Global

While at the time it was a high-end mobile, aimed at a premium user profile, this revision of the Nokia 6310 is quite the opposite, a smartphone (yes, it has some smart features, although very limited) that would be even below the entry range of today, but instead offers a perfect device for those who just want a phone and, moreover, does so at a knockdown price, as we speak of only 40 euros.

Its specifications? I guess the price already gives you an idea, but let’s take a look at the specs.isarlas. Inside is a Unisoc 6531F SoC with a single core at 312 megahertz and 3G connectivity. And no, it doesn’t have a GPU, in case you were wondering. It comes with 8 megabytes of RAM and 16 megabytes of storage. There’s good news on that front, though, as you can upgrade to up to 32 gigabytes with an SD card.

As for the screen, well, remember the days when the space on the front was shared between the screen and the keyboard? Well, with the Nokia 6310 you can go back to those days, because what you get is a 2.8-inch, non-touch screen with a resolution of 340 x 320 dots in a 4:3 aspect ratio. The whole thing is powered by a 1,150 milliamp battery that gives the Nokia 6310 a battery life of days (a feature it undoubtedly inherits from its predecessors).

So what can you do with the Nokia 6310? The possibilities offered by its operating system, S30+ are, let’s not kid ourselves, limited. We’re talking about a multiSIM 3G phone that does have Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, FM radio and can also be used as an MP3 player and includes a web browser. This, added to the fact that, obviously, and like any self-respecting Nokia, it has the Snake, leaves us with a very basic phone, but one that can fit very well to a certain profile of needs. And for a price of 40 euros, we are talking about a very, very competitive option.

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HMD Global

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