For a few years now, a trend has been emerging in the tech world: no-code. Simply put, no-code is a term that refers to developing a web solution without typing a single line of code. Not to be confused with low-code, which is very similar in concept but quite different.

Over the years, dozens of platforms that offer similar services have emerged. Among the most famous tools, we find the undisputed leader Webflow, but also Bubble, a promising startup that has just raised 100 million dollars. Led by Insight Partners, this spectacular round of funding comes two years after the company’s first round of funding two years ago, which was $6.25 million.

Is no-code the future?

Bubble is a New York startup launched in 2012 by Josh Haas and Emmanuel Straschnov, a French entrepreneur and one of the pioneers of no-code programming technologies. This company offers several formulas to develop, without needing to be a great coder, all types of web apps.

On its website, the company explains: “With Bubble, programming the equivalent of a social network like Twitter or a marketplace like Airbnb requires one week of work” . A concept that seems to have seduced many users since the platform has more than one million users to date. For example, the French platform Comet now uses Bubble’s services, and many other companies do the same.

Emmanuel Straschnov, Bubble’s co-founder, says: “The past year has shown us that no-code tools like Bubble can create opportunities for people who would otherwise not be able to be part of the tech ecosystem. Bubble is still the only complete tool that allows you to create the next Airbnb or Twitter without using engineers.” This round of funding should allow Bubble, as well as the entire no-code ecosystem, to become even more important.

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