Just a few days after the announcement of the new Newskill Apholos Pro, the Spanish company surprises us with the arrival of two new microphones to its family of peripherals for gamers and streamers, with the presentation of Agni and the renewal of the Kaliope Ivory, the white version of one of its most acclaimed models.

Starting with the new model, the Agni Professional RGB Gaming Microphone has cardioid sound reception, and features a revolutionary design that allows it to rotate 360 degrees. This mobility option allows you to get the most out of Agni, making communication in your games much more comfortable, and the sound quality is clean and crisp.

Made of high quality materials with a reinforced metal structure, giving its base a great durability, strength and stability. It has a total height of 170 mm with tripod and a width of 58 mm, which means it will take up minimal space in your set-up, perfect for keeping your gaming area clean. It also features stylish RGB lighting, which can be conveniently controlled from its dedicated button, so you can easily navigate between its seven lighting modes.

As for Kaliope Ivory, it has the same features and options as the original model, joining this family of peripherals redesigned in white tones. A great option for those gamers who want to complete their Newskill Ivory set-up, or those who want to get out of the classic black color imposed to the gamer world, giving a touch of color to their room.

Thanks to its cardioid unidirectional reception pattern you will get a clearer sound and eliminate interference, while its standard anti-POP filter will add an extra quality bonus to all your recordings, eliminating the annoying explosive noises produced when talking.

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Availability and price

You can already find both Agni Professional RGB and Kaliope Ivory available through Newskill’s official website, priced at 59,95 euros and 74,95 euros respectively. Other distributors such as Amazon and PcComponents will soon join them.