Reinforcing its offer for streaming, the Spanish company surprises us today with the announcement of its new gaming microphone Newskill Apholos Pro, prepared with polarity patterns perfect for any activity and setup, thanks to its elegant and functional design with an adaptable stand and a robust chassis, its various integrated controls, and of course, its RGB lighting.

Designed specifically to offer the best performance for any activity, the Newskill Apholos Pro has four polar patterns: Cardioid, Bidirectional, Stereo and Omnidirectional, perfect for varying and always ensure a flawless sound pickup, useful for all types of content, such as voice chats, game streamings, music recordings, and even ASMR.

In addition, as we said it comes with dedicated controls and buttons available at first hand, allowing us to modify the polarity pattern, volume, lighting and even mute the microphone with a simple touch quickly without interrupting our games. An ease that will maintain throughout its use, with its simple plug & play installation, which will only require us to connect it to enjoy all its capabilities on any compatible device.

Going back to review its design, we find elegant and functional lines, built on a chassis that absorbs small bumps to prevent the entry of external noise, adding the ability to adjust the angle of its integrated support, offering not only a greater comfort of use, but a more direct voice input according to our position.

Newskill Apholos Pro Mic Holder <img width=”500″ height=”300″ src=”×300.jpg 500w,×378.jpg 630w,×461.jpg 768w,×600.jpg 1000w,×354.jpg 590w,×240.jpg 400w, 1200w” alt=”Newskill Kaliope Mic Holder” />

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To make the most of these qualities, Newskill has taken the opportunity to launch its new Mic Holder, an independent stand capable of supporting microphones weighing up to 600 grams, compatible with the current models of the brand. Thanks to it, we can place our microphones in different positions, leaving our desk freer.

This stand is presented with a clamp grip system, compatible with surfaces with a maximum thickness of 4.8cm, reaching 84cm high, allowing the microphone to pick up your voice loud and clear, in any situation. Apholos Pro and Mic Holder together, will be the perfect combination to make your streamings take that quality leap you are looking for.

Availability and price

Both Newskill Apholos Pro and Mic Holder are currently available for pre-order on the official website of the brand, at prices of 99,95 euros and 29,95 euros respectively. So, as usual, they will soon be available on Amazon and PcComponents.