NEO The World Ends With You hint news: the trophy list is available

Published on 07/27/2021 at 20:00

NEO: The World Ends With You is coming to PS4, Switch and PC today. To mark the release of Square Enix’s action-RPG, we’ve revealed the game’s trophy list.

Below is the list of 51 trophies (including 4 hidden ones) for NEO: The World Ends With You, available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC this July 27 (40 bronze, 9 silver, 1 gold and 1 platinum) :

Bronze Trophies (40)

  • Survivor

    You finished the last day of week 1.

  • Fortnight

    You’ve finished the last day of week 2.

  • It’s over

    You finished the last day of week 3.

  • Beginner’s luck

    You have won your first fight.

  • Risk/reward ratio

    You won a chain fight at 8 reductions.

  • High Stakes Bet

    You have won a 20-count chain fight.

  • Deadly Remix

    You have wiped out a group of Echoes with a Deadly Remix.

  • Perfect Sync

    You have successfully completed enough Beatdrop combos to increase your Groove beyond 200%.

  • Hunter

    You have taken down 1,500 enemies.

  • Executioner

    You have taken down 3,000 enemies.

  • Assassin

    You have killed 6,000 enemies.

  • Enemy Master

    You have killed every type of enemy.

  • Valued Customer

    You have reached VIP level 5 with a brand.

  • Super Customer

    You have reached VIP level 5 with 8 brands.

  • Fashion Victim

    You have purchased every type of fashion item.

  • Happiness is in your stomach

    You have passed 100% satiation.

  • Familiar face

    You’ve become a regular at a restaurant.

  • Spotted Gourmet

    You have become a regular at 8 restaurants.

  • Experimental Eater

    You’ve ordered every dish.

  • Fashion debut

    You wore a full outfit.

  • Brand ambassador

    You have worn a complete outfit of one brand.

  • Fashion Passion

    All team members have worn a complete outfit.

  • Fits you well

    You have unlocked all the capabilities of a full outfit.

  • Super stylish

    You have worn a full outfit with all abilities requiring over 100 style points.

  • Rich as Croesus

    You have possessed ¥999,999.

  • Like a great

    You have reached level 100.

  • My First Badge

    You have mastered one type of badge.

  • Master of 10 badges

    You have mastered 10 types of badges.

  • Badgepinophile

    You have mastered 30 types of badges.

  • Badges galore

    You have mastered 50 types of badges.

  • Badges for Sale

    You have mastered 100 types of badges.

  • Plenty of badges

    You have mastered 200 types of badges.

  • Perfect mastery

    You have mastered 300 types of badges.

  • Full card

    You have equipped a set of 6 badges.

  • Viva la évolution

    You have evolved a badge.

  • No life without music

    You have collected all the CDs.

  • Lord of the Pigs

    You have erased all the Pig Echoes.

  • Absolute Memory

    You have completed all the Reminder images.

  • City Dweller

    You have visited all areas of Shibuya.

  • Worldly

    You have made all the social connections you can.

Silver Trophy (9)

  • Bonus round

    You have completed Another Day.

  • Echo Expert

    You have collected 80% of all enemy reports.

  • Preferred Customer

    You have reached VIP level 5 with all brands.

  • Famous Gourmet

    You have become a regular at all restaurants.

  • Badge Fan

    You have collected all the badges.

  • Therapeutic

    You have won gold in 15 Dive missions.

  • Total Conquest

    You have earned all the rewards in Pedestrian Beating.

  • Networking

    You have earned all the Social Connections rewards.

  • Wall of Sound

    You have completed the final time trial.

Gold Trophy (1)

  • Sleuth

    You have collected all secret reports.

Platinum Trophy (1)

  • This Trophy Ends with You

    You have collected all the graffiti.

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