In the NBA, the American basketball league, rules are not a joke. If this applies first and foremost to the court, rules also seem to exist on a whole bunch of other things, which govern life within an NBA team. For example, Jason Kidd, a great player from the 2000s who is now a coach in the league, has set his own rules, and to sum up: he doesn’t like Android at all.

When the former Brooklyn Nets star was still the coach of the Milwaukee Bucks he sanctioned his replacement pivot Thon Maker not to have an iPhone, but an Android phone, which made conversations with him more difficult. It was indeed impossible for the player to join the team’s iMessage conversation, which made his coach very angry, speaking of a unity problem within the Milwaukee team. Faced with this lack of “unity” and the team’s “cohesion” being jeopardized, the coach decided to crack down.

But the story does not stop at a simple reprimand to the player, but the coach, decided very upset against his pivot decided to punish the whole team by making his players do extra sprints, as punishment for the choice of phone of the replacement pivot. A choice that seems very surprising when you know all the messaging solutions that can exist to create a conversation, WhatsApp, Messenger, Signal, Telegram … the list is still long.

The war between Android and iPhone still going on

The anecdote that just appeared in Mirin Fader’s book is not dated. Considering the careers of the coach and the player, this event must have happened between 2016 and 2018, a time when the debates between Android and iPhone seemed behind us though. This case is a reminder that outside of the tech bubble, things move much slower than we can imagine, and some people still can’t stand others because they don’t get iMessages.

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Mirin Fader’s book chronicles the career of Giannis Antetokounmpo, the Milwaukee Bucks superstar who just became NBA champion. It is available on Amazon. Meanwhile, Jason Kidd left Milwaukee for Dallas, and Thon Maker has been without an NBA team since his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers ended in early 2021.

Nothing is said about the end of this story, impossible to know if Thon Maker had to buy an iPhone to comply with the technological rules of his coach or if Jason Kidd, once his anger passed, found a fallback with a universal instant messaging application. Either way, the NBA coach should be thrilled to see the arrival of iOS 15, with FaceTime available on Android andWindows with the new update of the Apple operating system. Instead of sending messages to his players, he will be able to call them directly on video.