After a few years spent on the back burner, a smartphone like this Motorola Frontier seems to underscore the company’s desire to become relevant again. After its acquisition by Lenovo in 2014, the following years brought Motorola out of the spotlight, amidst smartphones of questionable quality and shaky update management. But in 2020, we saw a change of pace, with the brand once again making waves online and in stores, moving up in consumer preferences. It will still take time for it to perhaps aspire to the top of the charts again, but it’s clear that Motorola is trying. You can see this with the creation of a phone like the Moto Edge X30, the world’s first smartphone with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.

In past years, the honor of bringing Qualcomm’s new high-end chipsets to the shelves has often fallen to Xiaomi. For example, the Xiaomi 11 was the first to debut the Snapdragon 888 in December 2020. Or in 2019, when it was the Xiaomi 9 that debuted with the then Snapdragon 855. A similar milestone is related to the cameras: think for example of Xiaomi Note 10, the first in the world to sport a sensor of over 100 MP.

A leak reveals what would be the specifications of the unreleased Motorola Frontier

With the launch of the first Samsung 200 MP photo sensor, however, it seems that Motorola again wants to anticipate the moves of Xiaomi. While there are rumors as to how the Xiaomi Note 11 might retrace the path of its predecessor, it would be the aforementioned Motorola Frontier that would be the first to have a camera with so many megapixels. The indiscretion comes from a European blog not particularly well known but that would seem to have in his hands several rumors about this smartphone.

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First of all, “Motorola Frontier” is a codename, so the smartphone will arrive (if it arrives) with another name on the shelves. But what’s more important is that it would be one of the next smartphones to be equipped with what we know as Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. Even though the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 has just debuted, there is already talk of how Qualcomm is working on a next-gen SoC that doesn’t repeat the mistakes found with the current chip. In addition to having 8/12 GB of RAM and 128/256 GB of storage, Frontier would also have an unidentified but ultra-fast charging 125W battery, as well as 50W wireless charging.

The Motorola flagship would have a 6.67″ Full HD+ curved P-OLED screen at 144 Hz, but the highlight would be on the rear section. There we would find a photo compartment containing the new Samsung S5KHP1 200 MP sensor: if you were curious to understand how these 200 megapixels will be used, find tu

explained in the dedicated article

. This sensor would be joined by a 50 MP Samsung S5KJN1SQ03 wide-angle lens and a 12 MP Sony IMX663 telephoto lens. On the front, however, we would find an equally exaggerated 60 MP OmniVision OV60A selfie camera with Qualcomm’s Always-On feature. ⭐️ Check out GizChina’s new Weekly Flyer with ever-changing exclusive deals and coupons.