If you’re looking for some new bike trails or mountain bike routes, there’s an app that promises to make it easier for you to access this information: it’s called Bikemap and includes mapping of over 7 million routes in over 100 countries.

All the routes can be downloaded so that you can access the information they contain even without an internet connection, so that you can navigate safely in the mountains during a mountain bike ride or in general on a device that doesn’t have a SIM card. The intelligent voice navigation system, which guides the user along the road by signalling turns and obstacles – such as buildings, potholes and slippery roads – can also work without a connection, making the app a tool that can be programmed before setting off so that you can be sure to use it freely in any conditions.


Bicycle rides can be tracked directly from the app, whether on the iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, thanks to support for GPX and KML formats, stored and shared with other users who use the app, thus constantly extending the number of routes that can be cycled (at the time of writing, over 5 million users have already shared their alternative routes). It is possible to choose a route to follow and set the starting point and the arrival point, with stops in between, so as to be notified by the voice assistant (as well as displaying them on the map) when they are reached. In addition to the basic mode, the map can also be displayed with the styles of OpenCycleMap, OpenStreetMap and in night mode, thus adapting the consultation according to the context.

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From the application it is also possible to find out the location of bike rental points, repair shops, charging stations for electric bikes and even parking spaces. Next to the map with the route, the speed, distance and current duration of the pedal stroke are shown, thus also functioning as an odometer for the bike. It’s possible to search for a route starting directly from the desired destination, filtering perhaps by length and type of route, or by relevance and popularity.


As far as privacy is concerned, the developer collects data related to the use and diagnosis of the app anonymously, while information on purchases, location, shared content, search history, as well as identification and contact data are linked to the identity of the user.

The Bikemap app is also localized in Italian and can be downloaded for free <a href=”https://apps.apple.com/it/app/bikemap-mappa-per-bici-e-gps/id625759466″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”>on the App Store in a universal version for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. The version currently distributed is 17.1.1: to be installed you need about 125 MB, as well as iOS and iPadOS version 13.4. It’s possible to upgrade it with the Premium package, which allows you to download offline maps and optimize your route based on your bike type, as well as access advanced cycling maps in 3D, OSM and OCM. Prices range from €4.99 per month to €44.99 per year depending on the type of package selected.