Bouygues Telecom is giving pride of place to mobile packages. As part of the Very B&You operation taking place this summer, the operator is offering promotions on its entire range of subscriptions with no time commitment. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a plan with little or lots of mobile data.

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5, 100 and 200GB packages at low prices with Bouygues Telecom

The Very B&You deal ends tonight, which means you’ve only got a few hours left to get a new low cost mobile plan. Currently, the most popular offer drops to £14.99 a month for unlimited calls, texts and MMS and 200GB of internet (including 20GB usable in the EU and DOM). That’s a great way to get a lot of data for less than €15 a month, considering that this offer is usually available for €24.99 a month.

Each mobile plan included in this Bouygues Telecom range has no commitment. You can subscribe to and manage your new offer exclusively online – on the official website or the mobile application. Don’t worry, you can also keep the same phone number with the operator. In addition, you should know that the operator will not interrupt your communications (calls or messages) during the transition to its subscription.

Bouygues Telecom also offers a mobile package for less than 5 euros. For just €4.99 a month, you get unlimited calls, text messages and MMSes, plus 5GB of internet. If you want to call and write without limits and you don’t care about the amount of mobile data, this is the offer for you. Alternatively, the operator’s latest mid-range offer may also suit you.

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Bouygues Telecom’s latest mobile plan is currently priced at €11.99 per month for calls, SMS and MMS as well as 100GB of internet (including 15GB from the EU and DOM). If it offers a good compromise in terms of data, you know you double this number for a few euros more with the offer to 200 GB. In any case, the savings are impressive, allowing you to really lower the amount you spend on this item every month.

Why choose a Bouygues Telecom package?

By taking out a mobile plan with Bouygues Telecom, you don’t just get a lower price for a more than decent amount of mobile data. Bouygues Telecom is also known for the quality of its customer service. You can get in touch with the latter in a physical store or online. In both cases, they are efficient and responsive in guiding you through the process.

Bouygues Telecom also stands out with its excellent network quality. To date, it is ranked as the number 2 in ARCEP. The telecoms regulator even places it on the top of the podium in rural areas for municipalities with fewer than 10,000 inhabitants. You are therefore assured of excellent coverage, regardless of your geographical area.

While the mobile plans we’ve mentioned are 4G compatible, Bouygues Telecom also has a 5G subscription that includes 130GB of mobile data. This can be a great way to take advantage of a fast, high-performance network if it’s already available in your area. Note that the Very B&You deal ends tonight at midnight, so don’t wait any longer to switch to another offer and save money every month.

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