MIUI 13 will bring several new features inside Xiaomi’s custom Android skin. We’ve heard, for example, of the receipt of a new game mode that will allow games to be opened in a smaller window. Then there will be Memory Fusion Technology, which is technology that will allow for RAM expansion like Oppo

already does. And finally, there will come a new rendering system i.e. new effects, icons, fonts, animations and backgrounds. But there is also more and this time it concerns the animation of charging. Let’s see the details.

MIUI 13 will add in the charging animation the maximum power reached by the charger at a given time. Very useful as a check to see if the mechanism is faulty!

This morning we noticed that on Xiaomi Mi 10 has arrived a feature completely new and unprecedented for MIUI. Actually it is definitely a bug as, as we will see, a charging power is reported that does not match the maximum supported. For this reason we thought that it will actually be integrated, if not immediately, on MIUI 13.

This is a feature that perhaps, to many users, will not interest much but that actually can be very useful when it comes to check the health of the battery and charger

. Most likely MIUI 13 will tell us in real time the maximum power with which our Xiaomi smartphone is charging. In the images below we can see it better.

  • miui 13 mostrerà la potenza di ricarica mentre ricarichiamo lo smartphoneAt first the minimum power is shown, i.e. 0W
  • miui 13 mostrerà la potenza di ricarica mentre ricarichiamo lo smartphoneAfterwards, the cycle will reach the maximum power of 60W
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As soon as charging starts working (note, only the wired one appears to have this feature at the moment) we will see under the amount of remaining charge a new indicator. This will show how much power the charger is precisely charging our Xiaomi or Redmi smartphone. As we know, charging a smartphone is never “maxed out”. The charger allows the battery to charge “in spikes”.

If a smartphone like the Xiaomi Mi 10 charges at a maximum of 67W, it doesn’t mean that from start to finish it will charge at 67W: there will be times when it will charge, perhaps, at 10W, times when it will charge at 30W and times when it will touch the maximum peak of 67W


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MIUI 13 aggiungerà una funzionalità interessante all’animazione di ricarica

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