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We don’t always manage to store our devices the way we’d like to for space reasons. So, a compact solution like the Minisforum UM700 Windows Mini PC, with Ryzen 7 H-series chip, can be ideal on offer with discount code in all configurations and shipping from Europe on Geekbuying.

Minisforum UM700: the Mini PC Windows Ryzen 7 is on offer with discount code on Geekbuying

minisforum um700minisforum um700

Very compact, its cubic design hides within it a lot of hardware power. Starting right from the Ryzen 7-3750H CPU, but also the Radeon Vega 10 GPU, the 8/16 GB of DDR4 RAM and the 256/512 GB PCIe SSD. In addition to this, there is the

dulo Wi-Fi 6 ax, Bluetooth 5.1 and GigaBit LAN support. In short, nothing is missing.

As well as nothing is missing for the ports integrated into the machine, with 2 USB 3.1 ports (one first generation and the other second), a USB-C second generation, an HDMI 2.0 input, DisplayPort, 2 Ethernet RJ45 ports, audio jack, MIC digital and CMOS reset. Finally, present Windows 10 Pro, for a complete compartment without waivers.

The Mini PC Windows Minisforum UM700 is therefore on offer with discount code on Geekbuying in both configurations at a price of 458.6 € and 509.6 € respectively, to which must be added the shipping from Europe of 5.1 €. Considering the total, it’s really a great price for such a complete and compact solution.

Minisforum UM700 8/256 GB | GeekbuyingMinisforum UM700 8/256 GB | Geekbuying Minisforum UM700 16/512 GB | GeekbuyingMinisforum UM700 16/512 GB | Geekbuying ⭐️ Follow and support GizChina on Google News: click on the star to bookmark us.

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