Microsoft Flight Simulator Game News: Technical issue currently affecting


Published on 07/27/2021 at 19:10

Launched today on Xbox Series X and S, Microsoft Flight Simulator promises players the great escape, joining their PC peers. Unfortunately, the installation of a complementary update is currently affecting a number of players.

For now, installing Microsoft Flight Simulator

on the Xbox Series is not a problem. It’s when installing an additional 27GB update that some players are experiencing a big problem, which obviously can’t be solved by simply restarting the download. Indeed, many messages indicate that players can get completely stuck on the update check screen or on the “Take a Pilots Seat” screen, and this for long minutes. One example is the case of our colleague Pierre Crochart, who shared a screenshot of the problem on Twitter. A situation that has been noticed by Asobo and Microsoft, who expressed themselves on the Twitter account of the game:

We’re getting reports of users being stuck on the “Take the Pilots Seat” screen on Xbox for an extended period of time after updating the extra 27GB, as well as on the “Check for Updates” screen before getting to the menu. We are currently investigating this issue.

Since the problem is very recent, it will take some time for the developers to identify the cause of the problem, manage to reproduce it, and put together an effective fix. In any case, if you are a victim of the problem, please do not hesitate to report it to Asobo with as much information as possible.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator : Un problème technique affecte actuellement la mise à jour

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