This week the release of Chrome 92 was announced, which means that a little earlier Chromium 92 was released and a little later the rest of the open source web browser derivatives will follow suit, as is the case of Microsoft Edge 92, whose update should already be available for most users.

Does this also mean that the new features of Chrome 92 are the same as the ones included in Microsoft Edge 92? Yes… and no. Despite those who claim that Chromium has killed diversity in the web browser segment, the opposite has happened and even though they all share a common base, the competition to differentiate themselves from the rest is more alive than it has ever been.

Thus, Microsoft Edge takes some of the improvements introduced by Chromium, as it could not be otherwise, but it is the own ones that have more weight in this release… as it could not be otherwise. To highlight the organization and security, starting with the back to school, for which there is still a little, but for which Microsoft Edge 92 is already prepared.

If you use Microsoft Edge and know about its integration with the Bing search engine, you can already imagine what the back-to-school season is all about: it saves time searching, comparing, selecting and buying products to prepare for back-to-school in September. “With features like coupons, cash back, price history and more, you can shop with confidence that you’ve maximized your time and savings,” they say.

Microsoft Edge 92

Microsoft Edge 92 also includes other new features to get more organized, such as a new option to add screenshots to Collections, either to a new collection or an existing one. Also, with this new version of the browser is promoted Microsoft Outlook extension, one of which we already told you in detail in these pages, and that if you are a user of Microsoft’s productivity services, you’re going to love.

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Finally, in terms of security, Microsoft Edge reinforces its password manager, which from now on will alert you with all the new passwords you save about how secure they are or if you’ve used them before on other sites. On the other hand, Microsoft Edge will allow you to log in to other apps and mobile browsers with the passwords you save, which password manager, although this feature will be released a little later.